Martina McBride Cancels SeaWorld Performance

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Martina McBride is the latest musician to back out of a scheduled performance at SeaWorld. Since the release of the documentary film Blackfish, performers have been petitioned by animal rights groups, and encouraged to back out because of SeaWorld's poor record of treatment for their animals. The film depicts the treatment of an orca that killed its SeaWorld trainer back in 2010.

McBride joins Trisha Yearwood, Cheap Trick, .38 Special and REO Speedwagon in dropping out of the Brews, Bands and BBQ concert series for 2014. Only Scotty McCreery and Justin Moore remain on the roster.

Martina McBride announced her decision to her Facebook fans on Saturday.

"I've decided that given all the issues that have been aired recently, the time isn’t right for me to play at Seaworld. I have cancelled my scheduled performance at the Bands, Blues & BBQ event in March 2014," she wrote.

More than 20,000 signatures were collected by fans on a petition, urging Martina to cancel her concert at SeaWorld.

Celebrities--both those scheduled to play at SeaWorld and those simply concerned about the information Blackfish brings to light, have expressed their feelings via Twitter.

SeaWorld, of course, dismisses all of the allegations in Blackfish. They claim inaccuracy prevails throughout the documentary. It will certainly be interesting to see if Scotty McCreery and Justin Moore follow Martina McBride and the rest of the performers who have backed out of the SeaWorld concerts because of the film and the animal rights groups that support it.

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