StumbleUpon Traffic Referrals See Strong Growth [Report]

StumbleUpon Traffic Referrals See Strong Growth [Report]

By Chris Crum January 24, 2014 | 2 Comments

Shareaholic has put out the latest edition of its quarterly Social Media Traffic Report. Its data shows that among Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Pinterest saw the strongest gains in terms of referrals. …

Facebook Social Plugins on 100,000 Sites Since Launch

Facebook launched its new social plug-ins at its F8 developer conference last month, as part of the company’s Open Graph initiative. It was no surprise that so many sites rushed to implement them.

"It’s only been two and a half weeks since f8 and in that time more than 100,000 sites have tapped into the social graph by implementing Facebook’s social plugins," a representative for Facebook tells WebProNews.

Facebook Exciting Publishers with Increased Referrals

After just a week, 50,000 sites across the Web had already implemented the new Facebook social plugins announced at the company’s recent developer conference F8. By now, that number has no doubt grown significantly.

Google Making Changes to Search Referrals
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Update: Google now says: We initially reported that Urchin Software might require a patch to handle the new URL structure, but after some additional testing, it turns out no patch is needed. Urchin can handle both the current and new URLs.

Original article: Google is changing referral URLs on results pages. What up until now has looked something like this:

AdSense Referrals? AdWords Pay Per Action? Not Anymore

Google has decided to shut down its AdSense Referrals program effective the last week of August.

Why Google Might Have Changed AdSense Referral Terms

Lots of talk today about Google changing the terms of their referral units for Google Adsense. Good coverage by both Darren and Jeremy.Google Adsense Referral Hydra

Lets take a little look at why they might have done this.

Google AdSense Referrals Hiding From Publishers

Using the wrong ad format could be the culprit as members of Google’s AdSense content network have experienced problems in getting referral 2.0 ads to appear.

Tracking RSS Subscriptions with Google Analytics

One of the most frustrating things about RSS is not being able to track RSS subscription rates from source traffic.

There are other problems such as how people interact with your RSS content, but even being able to determine which sources of traffic result in subscribers would be a huge commercial advantage for bloggers, allowing them to focus their efforts on traffic generation strategies that will grow their business.

All Of AdSense Gains Referrals 2.0

Testing has been wrapped up with Google’s referral beta, and the company plans to roll it out to all publishers in referral-supported languages.

WoM the Most Influential for B2B Execs

Over at eMarketer, they’ve compiled some recent reports that suggest executives in business to business industries rely heavily on referrals and word of mouth, when making buying decisions.

Google Analytics for Tracking Google Base Referrals

Tracking referrals from Google Base can be difficult and confusing.

Google Whispers More Details About PPA
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The pay per action beta test for Google AdWords recently debuted, and spurred plenty of advertiser interest.

Customer Referrals: Viral Marketing Goes Old School

Getting referral business and new customers, through recommendations by satisfied customers and clients, is a dream of most business owners and managers.

Customer Referrals and Your Sales Department

For the complex sale you need enthusiastic referrals to help you build your reputation, differentiate yourself, demonstrate your value proposition, shorten your sales cycle, and drive revenue.

Against Google AdSense Referrals

WebMarketingNews quotes Mark Wallace, who says regarding Google’s AdSense referral program, “Turn it down“. Why?

Google Paying For AdSense Referrals

A new Google AdSense feature was announced today that allows website operators to place referral buttons on their sites for AdSense or Mozilla Firefox browser with the Google Toolbar. Every referral wins cash for webmasters.

Google Tops In Search Referrals, Stock Reaches $300

The hits just keep on coming for search Google who is quite possibly becoming one of the most popular names in the open market today… at least it appears that way when you inspect the available data.