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Patriots/Giants Super Bowl Matchup Blows Up Twitter

It’s official, everyone – Super Bowl 2012 will be a rematch of 2007’s Super Bowl XLII. And as you all probably remember, that was a pretty interesting game. A little bit has changed since 2007: Eli Manning won’t be throwing to David Tyree, for one, which means we might find the game bereft of circus head-catches. And this time, Tom …

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SOPA Blackout Day: The Early Twitter Reaction

Since Twitter is not participating in the SOPA Blackout today, people are able to take to the site to express their support and/or frustration with the effort. Many high-profile sites have already begun their blackouts to protest the controversial legislation. At midnight on Wednesday, Wikipedia went dark, as did WordPress, Boing Boing and Minecraft. Sites like Google and Craigslist are …

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Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Performance Panned On Twitter

Ricky Gervais’ previous award show-hosting gigs set the bar pretty high, and it looks like he failed to hit that bar last night at the 69th Annual Golden Globes. Much of Gervais’ routine remained intact from last year: the celebrity bashing, the NBC bashing and the ever-present glass of beer. But his opening monologue felt tame, and besides a well-placed …

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