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Bill Maher Takes MSNBC And Rachel Maddow To Task

MSNBC and talk show host Bill Maher have been on pretty good terms in the past, and for the most part the liberal cable network has stayed on his good side, unlike their competitors Fox News. But now, Maher is …

Rachel Maddow and Rand Paul Trading Blows Again
· 78

Rachel Maddow and Rand Paul are back to trading blows, with Maddow calling out Paul for plagiarism. This certainly isn’t anything new between the television host and the Kentucky senator. They have been at heated odds for years. The Christian …

Rachel Maddow Interviews Wisconsin’s Mary Burke
· 7

Rachel Maddow, a well-known liberal news anchor for MSNBC, who holds a Doctorate in Politics from Oxford, is known for bringing various political figures into the public eye and interviewing them with questions that pertain to the general public. On …