Rachel Maddow Talks Donald Trump, Calls Him 'Schemer' or One Who Got 'Taken for a Ride'

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Rachel Maddow was quite outspoken about Donald Trump on Wednesday. The MSNBC host said the GOP hopeful is either “in on some kind of scheme” or “just got duped and taken for a ride.”

Maddow was referring to a speech Donald Trump delivered on Tuesday aboard the USS Iowa battleship. He said he was there to raise money for a veterans organization whose nonprofit status was revoked by the IRS.

Rachel Maddow brought up a couple of issues with that whole scenario, one of which is the Veterans for a Strong America's lack of nonprofit status. The other is that the only member of the group is its chairman, Joel Arends.

“It is weird enough to see Donald Trump campaigning for president standing on a decommissioned battleship when his only connection to the military is that he went to a military themed prep school in the 1960s,” Rachel Maddow said.

"Something just didn’t seem right about Donald Trump calling this a group with hundreds of thousands of people and doing this big high-profile fundraiser for them,” Rachel Maddow added. "But now that we know more about this group--or this guy, which appears to be the whole group--it now seems clear that Donald Trump and his campaign are either in on some kind of scheme with this group that is not a nonprofit or Donald Trump and his campaign just got duped and taken for a ride by a guy who you could suss out pretty easily with literally a page of Googling in 30 spare seconds."

According to U.S. law, outside candidates can't coordinate with outside groups. The amount of money corporations can spend on endorsements is also limited.

When asked about the legality of Tuesday's event, Donald Trump said there was never an issue.

"The FEC has ruled that a candidate may attend, speak at, and be a featured guest at such events,” the Trump campaign said in a statement.

Rachel Maddow firmly believes that Donald Trump's speech on the battleship was nothing more than an attempt to look good on TV.

“The whole thing is fake. The whole thing is made for TV. Except for the fact that presumably he did raise money for this guy tonight. And this guy really is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination by a mile. And so far Republican voters do not seem to care that it is all made up,” she concluded.

Do you agree with her allegations against Donald Trump? Would his actions have gone unnoticed had Rachel Maddow not spoken out about them?

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