Bill Maher Takes MSNBC And Rachel Maddow To Task


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MSNBC and talk show host Bill Maher have been on pretty good terms in the past, and for the most part the liberal cable network has stayed on his good side, unlike their competitors Fox News.

But now, Maher is criticizing MSNBC for its coverage of the Chris Christie scandal, "Bridgegate," and he said the network is mustering up fake outrage, just like the folks at Fox News tend to do.

When MSNBC host Rachel Maddow appeared on Maher's show, Real Time with Bill Maher, the 58 year old talk show host let her have it and said the coverage of "Bridgegate" is way over the top and unnecessary.

"He's not the president," he told her. "He's not even a guy who ever, himself, said he was going to be running for president. He's a New Jersey governor who did something bad. He closed lanes on a bridge; bad. But is it really that bad? If it was a Democratic governor not close to New York City, the media capital, would we be covering this?

Maher also said MSNBC is using "Bridgegate" in the exact same way that Fox News uses Benghazi, in terms of trying to get people riled up.

"This is your Benghazi," he said. "Benghazi is nothing. There is no scandal there. This is an actual scandal. It's just that it's not Watergate."

However, Maddow disagreed and said the main reason that MSNBC is talking about Christie so much is because he's yet to reveal what really happened. Plus, it's a major news story in a big state, she said, so it would be irresponsible for the network not to talk about what's happening.

"When there are gonzo political corruption stories, you cover them," she said. "The most interesting thing about the Christie one is that we still don't know what happened. It's still not resolved. We still don't have an explanation."

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