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Monmouthpedia Becomes the First Wikipedia Town

You can chalk this one up in the “worst ideas in the world” column. It seems the town of Monmouth Wales, has become the first “Wikipedia town”, according to PC Magazine. What this basically means, is that there will be QR codes posted on the front of buildings around the town that you scan with your phone and Wikipedia gives …

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Facebook Has A QR Code on its Roof

Facebook employees have painted a massive QR code onto the roof of Facebook’s new offices in Menlo Park, California. Scanning the code points users to this (get it, FB code?)page, which then links to the Facebook QR Code page. From the Facebook QR Code page description: “When Facebook moved in to our new office in Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg made …

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QR Code Condoms Let You ‘Check In’ To Your Sexual Playgrounds

Remember the I Just Made Love mobile app that helped the horizontally-inclined iPhone and Android users of the world broadcast their sexual adventures to the world? That’s so 2011. This year’s model not only lets you announce your erotic exploits to the world, but comes packaged with a QR code to save you time and let you get back to …

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