Monmouthpedia Becomes the First Wikipedia Town

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You can chalk this one up in the "worst ideas in the world" column. It seems the town of Monmouth Wales, has become the first "Wikipedia town", according to PC Magazine. What this basically means, is that there will be QR codes posted on the front of buildings around the town that you scan with your phone and Wikipedia gives you interesting facts and directions about where you are.

Now you never have to communicate with any of the townspeople, which may have been their plan all along. Getting tired of being asked questions by tourists? Just point them to the QR code. You don't have to say a word.

Located about 150 miles west of London, Monmouth officially became the first wikipedia town on May 19th. There are four different types of QR codes: large ceramic and metal plaques cover outdoor venues; smaller ones cover things that are non-specific to Monomouth, like flaura and fauna guides; glass stickers cover the outside windows of shops; and finally informational posters, signs and notice boards cover everything else. The town has 1,000 QR codes in place.

And if the idea of a wikipedia town wasn't weird enough for you, Taiwanese animated news NMA makes it somehow weirder.

I love how they take the tour guide to the dump along with the milkman and the blockbuster video guy. In Taiwan, whenever your job becomes unnecessary we just drop you off at the landfill. Yeah, NMA is the only way to get the news.

And cherubs deliver information to your phone when you scan a QR code, that one's new to me.

Psych, that library is now a strip club.

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