Facebook Has A QR Code on its Roof

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Facebook employees have painted a massive QR code onto the roof of Facebook's new offices in Menlo Park, California. Scanning the code points users to this (get it, FB code?)page, which then links to the Facebook QR Code page.

From the Facebook QR Code page description:

"When Facebook moved in to our new office in Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg made a post announcing a "Space Hackathon." The post encouraged everybody to decorate the new space to make it our own-- tag the walls with spray paint, hang cool posters, and hack the building with some patented Facebook personality. A few of us interpreted the call to action a bit too literally. We decided that we wanted our "space hack" to actually be visible from space. We wanted to hack the globe."

Justin Shaffer, a Product Manager at Facebook, shared this aerial photo of the Facebook campus on the QR Code Facebook page:

Facebook QR Code Aerial View

Note the word "HACK" just to the top-left of the QR code.

For now, the Facebook page only contains these photos and a video of the Facebook employees painting the code. An employee in the video said he had the idea months before Facebook moved into its new location, but was really spurred on when employees were encouraged to "hack" the new offices. The unnamed employee said, "And then, when Ben Barry and Zuck posted about the 'Space Hack-athon' I took it quite literally and was like, what if we actually hacked this so it looked cool from space?"

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