Python Found In Florida Measures 18 Feet

Python Found In Florida Measures 18 Feet

By Lindsay McCane February 6, 2014

While snakes are not a rare sight in Florida, an eighteen-foot Burmese python is. On February 4, a massive 150-pound Burmese python was killed in the Florida Everglades by workers with the South Florida Water Management District. The agency’s spokesperson …

19-Foot Python Found, Killed in Miami 19-Foot Python Found, Killed in Miami


Though the classic Jennifer Lopez/Ice Cube movie Anaconda may have exaggerated it just a bit, it is true that snakes can grow to a terrifying size. Now, one man in Miami has found a record-setting snake that’s longer than three …

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Now Runs Python Apps AWS Elastic Beanstalk Now Runs Python Apps

Amazon announced that AWS Elastic Beanstalk will now support Python applications, in addition to PHP, Java and .NET. Specifically, Elastic Beanstalk will now support Python apps and frameworks that run on Apache HTTP Server and the WSGI interface. Amazon also …

Learn How To Program Google's Driverless Cars Learn How To Program Google's Driverless Cars
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Sebastian Thrun is a Google Fellow and VP, a Stanford Professor, and the co-founder fo Udacity.com. He’s also on the Project Glass team, which last week, unveiled the much talked about Google glasses. He was one of the names that …

Help Improve The API That Powers Reddit Help Improve The API That Powers Reddit

Reddit wants you to join them at PyCon 2012. What is PyCon? Read on to find out. Reddit, as defined by them in a blog post, is “a bit unique.” I would use other adjectives to describe the Web site, …

fbFund Gives Financial Awards To Facebook Apps
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As someone who’s not too fond of Facebook applications, I must say that this development reminds me of Monty Python’s “Upper Class Twit of the Year” sketch.  But it’s likely that, by paying people to develop apps, the newly founded fbFund is trying to undo such associations.

Removing Spam From the Net

Neither Hormel, the maker of Spam, nor Monty Python’s Spamalot would appreciate the sentiment in the title.

Yahoo! to Serve UP BBC Videos

As part of an agreement with ABC News, Yahoo is beginning to offer BBC News video on its site. Yahoo! users will now have access to approximately 30 video clips of BBC News video each day, including a large assortment of videos pertaining to most major news and entertainment genres.

Python Coils Around 2.5 Release

The latest major version of the Python programming language recently arrived online from the Python Software Foundation.

Python Steps Up In Django And TurboGears

IBM presented a two-part series on developing applications with Python, using Django as the framework in one example and TurboGears in another.

Python Developer Center on Yahoo!

Thanks to Simon Willison, we now have a Python Developer Center on the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Should I Learn Python or Ruby Next?

I’ve been programming (when I do program) mainly in Perl for the last 10 years or so. But I’ve been itching to learn a new language for a while now, and the two near the top of the list are Ruby and Python.

Swaying A Coder Away From Python

One programmer blogged about the powerful attraction he is feeling to C# programming, and departing from six years of tinkering with Python.

Google Summer of Code Search for Python…

Google is looking for students from undergrad through the Ph.D levels to work on new open source code and to act as project mentors.

Python and Ruby: the Newer Alternatives

Thanks to the nature of open source, almost anyone can write a programming language and get a significant number of people to use it: and plenty of people have.

Google Snakes In Python Creator

Guido van Rossum, creator of the Python programming language, has been drawn into the coils of the Googleplex.

EMEA Ditching Perl, Python, PHP?

A spring 2005 survey of developers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa finds a dropoff in their use of those three languages.