Reddit Hosting Sprint To Fix Their API At PyCon 2012

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Reddit wants you to join them at PyCon 2012. What is PyCon? Read on to find out.

Reddit, as defined by them in a blog post, is “a bit unique.” I would use other adjectives to describe the Web site, but I can’t argue that unique is a good term for them as well. My definition, however, relates to the content of the site, whereas they mean their site is built on open source software.

When you look at it as a whole, Reddit claims that about 6.6 percent of their code comes from open source developers. That’s a significant percentage for a site as large and far reaching as Reddit.

Anyway, this is all to lead up to Reddit hosting a sprint at PyCon 2012, which is being held in Santa Clara, California this year. PyCon is an annual convention for the community of developers that use the open source Python development language. It’s also unique in that its organized by the community with corporate sponsors so the events are always accessible to the largest amount of developers possible.

As said, Reddit will be hosting a sprint during the convention. A sprint is like a hack-a-thon with a singular purpose. Since Reddit is hosting this sprint, you can bet it’s going to be about the Reddit API. The description on the sprint page says:

What's the next big thing for reddit? Why don't we have an official Android app? How can I script and simplify my common moderation tasks?

The answer to all these questions involves the reddit API! The best reddit-related projects are the ones that take advantage of our terrible API, and we want more of them - this sprint is about making that API better, and building new things on the existing API.

The sprints will be running from Monday, March 12 through Thursday March 15. There’s no real schedule to the event, but the Reddit team says that they will be available from around 10 a.m. to whenever dinner-time is for them.

If you want to participate in the Reddit sprint, you can sign up over at the PyCon sprints page.

The Reddit team will also be holding a pre-sprint intro session on Sunday evening. So be sure to attend that if you plan on joining the sprint to fix their API.