PS4 Update 1.60 Adds Support For Wireless Headsets

PS4 Update 1.60 Adds Support For Wireless Headsets

By Zach Walton February 3, 2014

When the PS4 first launched, the system only supported wired headsets. It was a major disappointment for PS3 owners hoping their $100 wireless headset would be supported out of the box. It wasn’t like Sony just killed support though – …

Pulse News Launches Local Feature Pulse News Launches Local Feature
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News application Pulse announced today that it’s launching Local, a new category that allows users to easily discover what’s going on around them, including news, sports, food and deals. Pulse local “will always keep you in the know.” Pulse Local …

Novell Tries To Ride On Google Wave

When Google Wave was first released, it impressed a lot of people from a technical standpoint.  The trouble was, no one could figure out a practical use for it.  Now, Novell has decided to take a shot, announcing a service known as Pulse.

Plaxo adds Pulse to Mac

The Mac Address Book picked up a connection to Pulse in the wake of the MacWorld conference.

Plaxo’s Naked Social Networking

Yes it’s true. Contact management service Plaxo wants to strip down and reveal all for its new Pulse social networking aggregator.

Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse

Plaxo launched today its social network, Pulse. Pulse pulls in what they call "people feed" or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow for conversation about the content with your family, friends or co-workers.

Plaxo’s Pulse To Get Going On Monday
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Plaxo is launching a new social network, dubbed “Pulse,” and it should offer a number of interesting features; indeed, a couple of them will address flaws in Facebook’s setup.  Yet despite this – and the preliminary support of several notable figures – many onlookers doubt that Pulse can do well.

Fun with Technorati Charts

On his blog, Niall Kennedy shows us how to create custom Technorati charts.

Hurricane Katrina Drives Traffic to Blogs & News Search Engines

Hurricane Katrina made landfall at Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, at approximately 7:10 a.m. EDT on Aug. 29, 2005.

Pulse Interactive Registers 9.0 With Cell Phone Quake
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One of the great shooter games of all time will move up on the greatness scale a bit more as Pulse Interactive rolls as Quake for mobile handsets. As 3D graphics makes their way onto tiny little screens, it only stands to reason the shooters would follow.

eBay Rolls Out eBay Pulse

From clothes to cars and toys to tickets, eBay has always been a window into what’s hot in popular culture.