Internet Explorer 10 Shows Off Its HTML5 Might With Pulse

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Microsoft is really pushing Internet Explorer 10 as we near the launch of Windows 8. The newest version of the infamous browser promises to be faster, more secure and just all around more awesome than any of its predecessors. Whether that is the case or not remains to be seen, but the recent announcements definitely make it sound more enticing.

Microsoft announced today that popular news app, Pulse, is now available on the Web. If you're unfamiliar with Pulse, it's essentially a news aggregator or RSS feed that pulls news from the Web into a format that's more visually appealing.

Bringing Pulse to the Web is a great move for Microsoft since it allows them to flex IE10's HTML5 muscle. It's part of a movement, according to Microsoft, that sees popular apps moving to the Web without sacrificing what made the app great in the first place. They claim that Pulse is the same app as before, just on a larger scale.

The Pulse site is also a chance for Microsoft to show off the improvements they've made to the HTML5 touch API. Since Windows 8 is heavily based on touch input, it only makes sense that IE10 would be the same. They achieved this through the creation of a new JavaScript Engine that allows the browser to act like a native part of the touch experience.

Pulse CEO Akshay Kothari has only praise for IE10 and the experience it gives to users. He says that they were initially concerned over a drop in quality, but those concerns quickly vanished. He has nothing but praise now for IE10 and says that it allows some aspects of Pulse to be "more intuitive and beautiful" than other apps they have created.

If you want to check out the new touch-friendly Pulse site, just hit up It's available on all major browsers, but they obviously want you to try it out on Internet Explorer 10.

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