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Sony Says Vita Doesn’t Need Price Break

The Playstation Vita has had a very rough start. The highly vaunted system has failed in almost every sales prediction that Sony has spouted out. The complete lack of AAA first party titles mixed with the fact that it is …

Playstation Vita Hombrew Loader Launches In Japan
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In December, Sony’s worst nightmares came true when their vaunted new PS Vita was shown on a Youtube video running some real basic home made code(see video below). Now there is a homebrew software loader for the PS Vita that …

Smartphones Grabbing Share in Portable Gaming Market Smartphones Grabbing Share in Portable Gaming Market
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People are using their smartphones as platforms for gaming at a fast growing rate, according to data published by Flurry Analytics. In 2009, iOS game sales accounted for 19% of the portable game revenue, according to Flurry.  In 2010, once …