Playstation Vita Hombrew Loader Launches In Japan

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In December, Sony's worst nightmares came true when their vaunted new PS Vita was shown on a Youtube video running some real basic home made code(see video below). Now there is a homebrew software loader for the PS Vita that allows older games and those from other systems to be loaded onto the portable console has been shared by hacker site Wololo. The original hack required you to load the existing PSP game Motorstorm: Arctic Edge first. Sony has already started to take steps against this by taking the title of of the PSN store. Also as of this time, the hack is not available for PS Vitas registered in the US.

The Playstation Vita is the newest handheld console from Sony. It was released in Japan and parts of Asia on December 17, 2011, in Europe, North America, South America and Singapore on February 22, 2012, and in Australia on February 23, 2012. Seen here earlier in the week, Sony reported greater than speculated sales numbers indicating a spectacular release for the company.

This is the first video released from December of some home made code running on a Japanese Playstation Vita:

Here is the new video of Wololo running the new homebrew on a PS Vita

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and it begins...the big websites are showing how to run homebrew on the Vita...ffs 9 hours ago via tGadget ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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