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Jay Carney Is Amazon’s New VP of Corporate Affairs

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has spent the last year as a contributor to CNN, but now he’s stepping back into the realm of PR. Politico reports that Amazon has tapped Carney to be the new Senior Vice President for Worldwide Corporate Affairs. It’s a new position – one that will put the company’s public relations and public …

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Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift: Tireless PR Reps Working Hard To Squash Rumors

Just days after models Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner made international headlines over a possible romantic connection, model Karlie Kloss also found herself at the center of a rumored lesbian love affair—with singer Taylor Swift! Although members of the public may be in on the joke that Swift seems to go through relationships with men very quickly, some people may …

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Lyft Has Best Week Ever After Uber’s Run of Bad PR

Uber hasn’t had a good few months, PR wise – and the past couple of weeks have been brutal. When one of your executives says that the company should start digging up dirt on journalists who criticize the company, well, it’s bound to generate some bad press. And then when one of your execs actually does breach privacy and access …

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Press Release Sites Take A Hit In Google’s Rankings

It would appear that some big name press release distribution sites have taken a hit in Google. Sean Malseed at Seer Interactive pointed out that PRWeb lost over half of its traffic, and dropped out of the first 20 Google results for over 8,000 keywords, based on data from SEMrush. “It looks like there’s guilt by association, as well,” writes …

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How To Get The Media To Notice You

Today, I would argue PR is more important than ever before. In addition to helping companies increase profiles and attract new clients, PR can be considered the secret weapon for SEO. Unfortunately, despite the increasing importance of PR, it is often misunderstood by companies both large and small. In this article, my aim is to de-construct the PR process, with …

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Martha Stewart Broke Her iPad, and Apparently Apple Is Pissed That She’s Tweeting About It

It looks like Martha Stewart dropped and shattered her iPad – the iPad that Steve Jobs personally gave her. And it also looks like Apple PR is upset with her about all the tweets she’s been posting concerning how to get it fixed. I just dropped my iPad on the ground and shattered two glass corners. What to do?does one …

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eBay Gives $1000 to Dad Whose Toddler Accidentally Bought a Car, Wins Today’s PR Trophy

We all know it’s dangerous to give your toddler your smartphone. Beyond the chance that they may just hurl it against a wall or something, you have to assume that all of that random button pushing is going to result in something unwanted. Like an old car, maybe? That’s exactly what happened to Paul Stoute. His 14-month-old daughter, Sorella, accidentally …

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Here’s What PRWeb Had To Say About The Google Acquisition “News” Flub

On Monday, a bogus press release was issued via Vocus-owned press release distribution service PRWeb indicating that Google had bought Wi-Fi company ICOA for $400 million. Both companies eventually told reporters that this news was false. Apparently, the companies had not even been in talks. This was not until various publications picked up the story. In our version, we were …

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Controversy Makes Chick-fil-A One Of The Fastest Growing Brands On Facebook

I probably don’t have to tell you that Chick-fil-A is at the center of a great deal of controversy these days, concerning its open views on gay marriage. These views have led to a seemingly endless debate among Chick-fil-A supporters, opponents, and those who just want to eat some chicken and go on about their business. One thing is for …

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Chick-fil-A’s PR Team May Have Pulled This Laughably Transparent Fake Facebook Account Stunt

Apparently, someone on Chick-fil-A’s PR team really sucks at PR, as this evidence suggests that someone is creating fake Facebook accounts to bolster their position in the midst of the company’s worst public image crisis ever. As you probably remember, Chick-fil-A has been under fire recently for comments made by company president Dan Cathy, in which he said he was …

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Facebook Engineer Tells Reddit Sorry For Blocking Imgur Links, Offers Cute Puppy Pic As Compensation

Redditors are pretty protective of their Imgur. Though they may lambast the free image hosting site every now and then for having a tendency to be down for extended periods of time, redditors know that Imgur is their friend. And reddit is Imgur’s friend as well, as the site recently hit 2 billion pageviews per month. Of course, we can …

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Washington Post Masthead On A Chinese Government Publication

Freedom of speech — and thus, consequently, freedom to advertise — are fundamental principles of a free democracy and a thriving capitalist democracy, right? That’s what we’re told in this country from a young age. Well it turns out those freedoms are also employed by the Chinese Communist Party. In America. Namely, in The Washington Post. This is the source …

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StumbleUpon and Digital PR

The latest stats from StatCounter show that StumbleUpon’s recent jump to the top spot for referring social media traffic in the US was not a blip. In July when they passed Facebook they hit 43% with Facebook coming in at 38%. Now, a scant month later, Stumble has edged up to 50% while Facebook gained just 1% to finish at …

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With iPhone 5 Release (Possibly) A Month Away, Guy Camps Out At Apple Store

One man (kind of) has the distinction of being the first person to get in line for the upcoming iPhone 5. In what he calls a “marketing and PR experiment,” Robert Shoesmith is camping outside a London Apple Store until the iPhone 5 is released. Of course, as you know from our extensive coverage, the iPhone 5 has not even …

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GoDaddy CEO Links to More Footage From Controversial Elephant Killing

Every time we think GoDaddy has tried to put to rest the controversy over CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, Parsons brings it back up. This time he has tweeted a link to a a cover story for NRA digital magazine America’s 1st Freedom, which reports in line with Parsons’ own defense for his actions. Do you think Parsons was …

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Does Social Media Presence Trump a Website?

I’ve been studying the web presence of Fortune 500 and INC 500 companies over the past few weeks and it is very encouraging to see a correlation between those at the top of the lists and adoption of social media. During this same time I’ve seen several blog posts and articles suggesting that websites are a thing of the past …

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9 Online Resources For Those Looking To Break Into PR

Last week TJ Dietderich, of PR Breakfast Club fame, posed a simple question to me:  I get a lot of questions from friends looking to switch to PR as a career. What are the best online resources to send them to? Good question, right? A number of blogs and Web sites came to mind immediately, but then I thought more about …

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How Burson Marsteller Can Emerge From Its Facebook PR Fiasco

The “dirty tricks” kerfuffle surrounding Facebook and Burson Marsteller that erupted a few days ago surely couldn’t get worse for the beleaguered PR firm – but it did. Burson was caught out in a covert anti-Google smear campaign on behalf of Facebook when it reached out to a US blogger who promptly published the email conversation between him and the …

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Facebook Caught Trying to Smear Google Privacy Practices From the Shadows

If you’re still not convinced that Facebook and Google are competitors, this story should make you think twice. According to reports, Facebook hired the PR firm Burson-Marsteller to seek prominent publications and bloggers to blast Google over privacy concerns. Obviously with Facebook being criticized for its own privacy practices frequently, this is an interesting turn of events in the ongoing …

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BlogDash to Bring Businesses and Bloggers Together

It’s no secret that there is an obvious disconnect between bloggers/journalists and PR professionals. Being in the media industry, we, here at WebProNews, have seen our share of bad pitches, as I’m sure many others can relate. However, I’m also sure that PR professionals detest when their requests go unanswered or when they get shot down.

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PR in a Blogger Versus Journalist World

Or to be more exact, what is the role of public relations (not publicity) in a world where journalism and blogging continue to butt heads? It’s a conversation I’ve been having with friends and industry colleagues, and should be front and center for people in the industry. But no, this is not a PR is dead meme, or blogging is …

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How to Get Hired as a Community Manager

Snagging a job as a community manager isn’t easy. First, realize that competition for these jobs is fierce.  I’ve been doing this since 1996, and there are alot of folks with 10+ years of experience that want the same jobs you do.  Don’t give up though, most of the time people hire community managers based on the interview, and if …

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Why Digital Marketing Challenges Everyone

Sometimes I can see it in their eyes. During a speaking appearance, I’ll look out at the audience and see fear. Not the "Big F" kind of "Run for your lives, citizens!" terror that you see in a B-movie. No, I am talking about the kind of fear that makes you stop and check things out just one more time before trying something. The fear that causes you to wait for someone else to make the first move. I see it all the time in digital marketing. It’s totally understandable. It’s human nature. I am extremely sympathetic to everyone who experiences it.

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In PR, There’s No Such Thing As A One-Day Story

Yesterday, I wrote about how NBC has handled Keith Olbermann’s departure from his show on MSNBC. Writing that story put me in mind of one of the hoary chestnuts of public relations strategy, which is to let sleeping dogs lie for some situations. Veteran PR folks are fond of refering to a minor flap as a "one-day story," meaning that you read about it in the newspaper today, but it disappears tomorrow.

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Which Parts of Your Company Should Be Listening to Social Media

Co-authored by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund

“Once upon a time, customer contact was centralized around the switchboard, and the phone was the preferred method for communication between companies and customers. When it rang, you answered, because it was likely a customer or a potential customer on the other end of the line. Now, the calls are coming through online, via the social phone.”

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Social Signals You Should Be Monitoring

Listening is not hard these days.  There are now over 200 tools that can help you gather the conversations.

The next step is not so simple.  Finding the right content and figuring out exactly what the people talking about you need and want is critical to PR success today. Content analysis is a traditional PR skill, but data mining is not.  Building social graphs has not been part of our PR practice.

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Check Out These LinkedIn Groups If You’re in PR

If you work in PR, chances are you have one of three needs:

* A need to build or grow your network.

* A need to acquire new skills or hone existing ones.

* A need to find a new job.

While you could argue many social networks meet these three needs adequately, I might argue that LinkedIn has the biggest potential to meet these needs best when it comes to professional skill-building, networking and job-seeking.

But, are folks capitalizing on that opportunity within LinkedIn now? Not so much.

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Learning PR From The NFL

I’m a Vikings fan. Have been my entire life. And I’ll tell you, it’s a curse. The ’97 season. 41-0. The NFC championship game in New Orleans last year (Tom Martin, not a WORD!). I can only compare it to what it must be like to be a Cleveland Indians fan (sorry Chuck Hemann). Heartache. Year, after year, after year.

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Is Social Media Part of Your Corporate Culture?

WebProNews recently spoke with C.C. Chapman, founder of Digital Dads, Co-author of Content Rules, and self-described Boston Media Maven. He says, "Social media has to be ingrained in you culture. All the tools in the world aren’t going to save you."

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Using Social Media As A PR Tool For Your Business

If  you want to promote your product, brand or business you need to branch out from just using traditional public realtions tools such as press releases.

Coverage of SES Chicago will continue.  Stay with WebProNews for more notes from the event this week.

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NewsBasis Aims to Be Basis for News-Maker, News-Breaker Relationships

In a nutshell, NewsBasis is a site where journalists and bloggers can find sources, while experts and companies can find journalists and bloggers to write about them in their articles.

WebProNews had a conversation with NewsBasis Founder and CEO Darryl Siry (who also happens to be a contributor to Wired, and was formerly CMO of Tesla Motors) about how the site has performed since launching at the beginning of the month.

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BusinessWire to Give Businesses More Ways to Increase Press Coverage

BusinessWire, the popular newswire service, is set to launch some new services for businesses and organizations next month. These are the NewsHQ online newsroom and the InvestorHQ investor center.

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SES Keynote: New Rules Of Marketing

David Meerman Scott, author, of "World Wide Rave," gave a keynote on the new rules of marketing and PR.

Coverage of SES New York continues at WebProNews Videos and at Stay with WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.

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SEO and Social Media Matter for Press Coverage

When businesses think about search and social media, a great deal of the time, they are thinking about traffic, customer engagement, and brand awareness. While these are all good things to consider, there may be more to that last one that you have spent much time thinking about.

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Second Life Attempts To Make Rebound

You probably have forgotten about Second Life (the virtual world from Linden Labs), right?


Remember, that’s that virtual world that got a TON of hype back in 2005/6. It was on the cover of magazines. On CNN and other TV shows. It looked like it was going to be THE new thing of the decade.


What happened?


Well, a few things.


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How Press Releases Can Be Great For Search

Press releases are not only great ways to spread the word about any announcements your business might have. They can also drive traffic, particularly from search engines. This is not news, but it’s a commonly overlooked fact.

Have press releases brought you significant search traffic? Discuss here.

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Press Releases Can Have a Long Search Shelf-Life

As a follow up to a recent article we ran on how press releases can be great for search, a representative for PRWeb, a press release distribution company, contacted us with another interesting example. This one looks at the shelf-life press releases can have, with regards to search traffic.

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The Future Of Online PR

In the olden days, PR professionals might have gotten an hour or more of face time in which to sweet talk someone over a meal.  Now, they occasionally make pitches in 140 characters.  So you can imagine how the information shared during a conference session titled "Online PR: Where to Next?" could prove quite useful to a lot of people.

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Search Engine and Social Traffic from Press Releases

Press releases are a form of online marketing that we don’t discuss very often. They don’t have the new and exciting appeal of social media or even search engine marketing, but they’ve been around a lot longer and are still working. In fact, they can play right into those other forms.

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5 Media/Communication Channels Twitter Has Impacted

Twitter is everywhere you look these days. You don’t have to use it, but you can’t hide from it. If you live under a rock, chances are somebody’s sitting on top of that rock tweeting. It took a little bit for Twitter to catch on, but I think it’s safe to say that it has officially taken the world by storm. Let’s look at just a few ways it has impacted different forms of media and communication.

1. Instant Messaging

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Twitter Receiving A Massive Amount Of Free Advertising

When it comes to Internet marketing and social media marketing one of the most important metrics of success is the return on investment (ROI). Everyone demands to see something that measures this although most can’t agree on just how to accomplish that. Twitter is one outlet that people are trying to measure as to just how much value do their efforts get on the micro-blogging service.

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The Google Shuffle?

Has your website recently sunk to "Davy Google Jones Jr’s Locker"?

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The Limitations of #Journchat

Back in November last year, #Journchat was launched by PR maven Sarah Evans

Its aim was simple – use Twitter to bring journalists, PR professionals and bloggers together on Twitter in a weekly chat format.

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Domino’s Pizza Deals With YouTube Nightmare

Yesterday was quite a day for Domino’s Pizza’s leadership and the communication team.

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The Savvy PR Of Crocs

Living in Boulder, Colorado, I am surrounded by entrepreneurs and startups, but we don’t have a lot of national brands based in our small town. There are two that you’ve heard of, however: Celestial Seasonings and Crocs.

The former makes tea. Really good tea. The latter? They make those ubiquitous rubber shoes with the holes punched in ’em, and a whole lot more.

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Skittles – Didn’t Taste The Rainbow On Twitter

The question was asked here yesterday by Joe Hall and there were as many opinions asskittles there are colors in a bag of Skittles but as of this morning the jury is in.

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‘Print Is Dead’ – Not According To This Study

Last week was a rough one for the newspaper industry.

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Everybody’s a Critic

For years now, the blog has been viewed as a necessary evil from a PR perspective and a direct channel for bad news traveling at light speed. That’s a fair assessment, but the Internet should be viewed as a boon to another aspect of business: quality control.

It used to be there were official critics and official criticisms were published in print, read by subset of subscribers to a specific publication. Now, critics are pretty much everywhere and can publish anywhere, any time.

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Is Your Press Center Holding Back Marketing Opportunities?

Covering industry news, naturally I read a lot of press releases. Sometimes they’re sent directly to me or our news team as a whole, sometimes I find them online through PR wires, and sometimes I will find them on the companies’ websites.

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Twitter Book Shows Business Usefulness

You may have heard that there was a possible Facebook Book in the works. "My next book is about the kids who founded Facebook," says author Ben Mezrich.

Well, it turns out that there is a book already available about Twitter. It’s less of a bio on the founders however, and more of a how-it-can-help-you book for businesses.

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Newspapers Take Interest In Social Networking

Yes, the headline isn’t really breaking news to many of us. However, I received an interesting report this week that ties numbers to the tumultuous newspaper industry and its struggle to remain relevant, today and tomorrow. I wanted to share the numbers with you…

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Online PR Campaigns Being Outsourced To Search Marketing Firms

If you want to optimize your Google rankings, who do you hire? An SEO, right?

If you need some web development stuff done, who do you pick? A web dev firm, right?

Now, if you want to implement an online public relations campaign, who do you turn to?

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Should You Blog?

According to the 2008 State of the Blogosphere from Technorati, a little more than half the companies in North America do not have a blog.  So that means that just under half do.  Why are they spending their time blogging?

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Politicians Battle For Narrative Control On The Web

There was a time, if your only source of information was the Internet, when it seemed Ron Paul was a shoe-in for the Republican nominee. Internet reality is not always true reality—then again, what’s reality matter in politics? What really matters is narrative, and in that sense, the Internet is a mirror of the brick-and-mortar world, and there are lessons in political campaigns for businesses about controlling your online story.

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Hospitals Should Consider Online Reputation Management

You’ve no doubt heard stories before about people getting fired from their jobs for their online behavior.

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Corn Farmers Against Google?

That anti-Net Neutrality op-ed you read by a respected author? How do you know he wrote it? That grassroots organization of plain folks you hadn’t ever heard of, all suddenly galvanized for a cause that, if not attained, has dire, dire consequences for everyone? How do you know it’s a real organization?

How do you know the organization, and the op-ed, weren’t created by LawMedia Group at the behest of some well-funded clients? If they did their jobs right, you don’t know.

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Spam Taking Advantage of Trust

I am going to go on record offering you this powerful life-changing advice that will be the most valuable information you ever consumed. Sound familiar?

If you pay attention to spam you can view the trends and see where it is going before it even goes there. One of the big trends that is rarely talked about is how hard spammers hunt hard to find credible sounding words. In spite of being on the do not call list, every day I get a call from the message center, the card center, the consumer center, or the national consumer protection foundation, etc.

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How are you Tying up Your Client into a Recession Pitch?

An interesting article in the New York Times today – Is It a Recession? Marketers Seem to Think So – highlights how that the marketing industry is ramping up spending, even if this might be a recession (and, well, we cannot say we are in a recession yet, according to statistics).

According to the article:

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PR Practitioners and Social Media

Over the next few months, I’m leading a couple of half-day workshops for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) as part of their CIPR Masterclass training programme.

The first of these takes place on February 26 at the CIPR’s headquarters in central London.

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JCPenney & M&Ms Get it, Scrabble and Target Don’t

Here are two Goofus and Gallants in one post as marketers continue to demonstrate how to and how not to.

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Live from World Economic Forum

I’m here in the World Economic Forum, writing to you from the headquarters for the Davos Question where I just interviewed the head of PR for the World Economic Forum.

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Chasing Social Media Influence

The concept of opinion leadership – that 90 percent of the world is influenced by the other 10 percent – came out of a study conducted by Lazarsfeld, Berelson and Gaudet.back in 1944. 

Chasing the Influencers is the search for that 10% and has long been a part of a PR and marketing.

In that early study opinion leaders are defined as people who are more influential within their social networks than others. Isn’t that interesting – within their social networks. The more things change the more they stay the same.

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PR Trying to Head in the Area of Social Media?

In doing a little PR for Ignite, I typically use free, basic services like and PRLeap. For the most part, these are pretty decent for getting a traditional release “out there” easily and affordably. It has also led to Google News inclusion, which has led to boosted SEO of our site.

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Two Sides of the Internet

The Internet can always be amusing, or interesting or just plain frustrating. It really just depends on what side of the fence you are, on any given subjects.

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Google Directory Updated from DMOZ Data?

I know a segment of my readers are sick to death with anything to do with Google PageRank updates, and I haven’t even bothered mentioning the most recent update up until now… there wasn’t really anything newsworthy in it.

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Study Looks at How Journalists Use Blogs

In a recent study by Omnicom Group’s Brodeur and Marketwire about how

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Conversational Marketing as a PR Tactic

In a recent post about who is in the conversation John Batelle says that while the  online conversation has very obvious benefits for the users, one of the troublemsome spots has been how do we keep it going and still pay the rent?  Or the hosting, in this case.

Most writers who have a following online write because it’s a passion. Readers/viewers come back because the content is compelling and they value the conversation.

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How Long Will Your Agency Relationship Last?

Research shows that half of the agency/client relationships out there last less than two years.

This is from a sample of about 140 companies with an annual marketing spend of at least $2 million, including Citibank, General Mills, IBM, GE, and ESPN.

After nearly 15 years in agencies, this percentage sounds about right. But where the research tries to determine why this is the case, I take issue with it.

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Social Media Can Lead To Better Companies

With every new development in social media, communications departments are faced with new challenges. If the end goal is to control the message – and that is the boiled-down purpose of communications departments – then the expansion and adoption of social media is a direct obstacle to that goal.

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Don’t Throw Out the Social Media Rulebook Yet…

…use some of it as a reference guide instead.

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The End of the PR World as We Know it

Social Media is indeed making changes in our lives.  Even Time Magazine, a bastion of old media, hailed user generated content as the single most influential change in 2006.

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Bloggers vs PR – The Aftermath

Aaron Brazell of Technosailor hosted an incredible and informative roundtable to discuss the state of PR, reporters, and bloggers.

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When Social Media and PR Work Together

I’m speaking tonight at a panel put on by Business Wire.  If you want to come, please do so, and be sure to say hello.  The topic is on social media generally, but more specifically looking at using social media for enhancing your news value. 

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Microblogging: What Is It Good For?

The microblogging concept isn’t one that settles neatly among a myriad of more intuitive platforms. Regardless, microblogging platforms like Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, and PlaceShout are gaining steam in the social media realm with or without you.

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PRSA: Social Media for PR Practitioners

I just returned from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International conference being held in Philadelphia where I participated on a panel, “Social Media, What Every PR Practitioner Needs to Know” with Rob Key of Converseon, Nicco Mele of echoditto and Peter Himler of Flatiron Communications who handled moderation duties.

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7 Ways To Handle An Angry Blogger

Pulling a lawyer out of your pocket isn’t necessarily the best way to deal with an angry blogger, and businesses should know that. If anything, it makes the blogger’s target look like that much more of a jerk.

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PR and Dumping the Inferiority Complex

Last week on Thursday I spent the day at the TurnPROn event in San Francisco focused on the future of public relations.  It was hosted as part of the Online Market World conference, and a relatively small and concentrated event. 

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Making Sense out of a Mess

It’s funny, after several years, countless projects, big successes and humbling failures, I still to this day stumble and stutter when casually asked: "so what do you do?"

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How to Fix PR

There have been a series of interesting posts, comments, and opinions regarding why PR doesn’t work and why so many CEOs have a bad taste in their mouth at the mere mention of public relations.

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Healthcare PR & Social Media

Recently, I sat on a panel for PRSA Healthcare on social media. I brought along the PR blogger perspective, and sat on it with the VP at Technorati and Amy Tenderich, from Diabetes Mine.

Healthcare is different from other practices in PR. You have the whole direct-to-consumer guidelines from the FDA, and then you have a ton of other issues in dealing with the press and social media.

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PR Darlings

During last night’s PR Unspun event in London, I kept noticing business cards scattered on various tables at the venue.

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Unspinning PR

Nearly 150 people crowded into a private room at the Slug & Lettuce pub in London’s Soho last night for PR Unspun, an event organized by Chinwag Live.

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New Media Key For PR Firms

Just a quick pointer: Keith O’Brien with PRWeek has a good piece today that profiles how various PR shops are fortifying their new media expertise and services.

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PC Mag May Boycott Edelman PR

Transparency is a word that’s been kicked around a lot lately. But too much transparency is what got Edelman PR pro and blogebrity Steve Rubel kicked around this week, instead. An early Friday 13th comment about PC Magazine is fueling a potential boycott, as well as fulfilling what the PR world had feared about blogging.

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Pick a Good Partner for New Media Projects

Okay, so I’m continuing with some thoughts here shaking out of my recent RFP posts….

Here’s the situation: you want to starting folding social media strategies, tactics and tools into your company’s PR program, but you’re not sure how exactly you want to approach things and because of that, you’re leaning toward bringing in some outside help. Maybe you’re thinking about a consultant or a small group of specialists or even a large services firm, the tough question is this:

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Apple Offers Video Blogging Tips

It appears Apple is listening to the blogosphere’s chatter that there’s really not many video podcasts that take advantage of the 720p capabilities of Apple TV. In response, Apple has emailed many video creators and suggest the following advice:

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PR Should Have a Hand in Customer Service

I’ve had two customer service encounters today that have me pondering—again—the link between PR and customer service. If public relations is the management and maintenance of relationships between organizations and their core audiences, customer service should be considered a linchpin. Customers have to be considered a vital audience, and in today’s world, word-of-mouth from customers is worth more than dozens of expensive, traditional PR, advertising, or marketing campaigns. Yet many companies continue to blow it on this most fundamental of activities.

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All is Fair in Love, War & Journalism

The relationship between a reporter and a company he (or she) is trying to write about is… well, complicated.

In some cases, it’s like two hostile nations trying to meet at Camp David, with each side compiling as much information — secret and otherwise — about their adversary, and each side trying to read between the lines to find out what the other party really meant. And sometimes those files get leaked, as they did in the case of Wired writer Fred Vogelstein.

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Microsoft’s PR Firm Makes Ironic Blunder

An experienced public relations firm can be just what the doctor ordered when you’re trying to inject a positive message about a new product or service into the collective consciousness of the media. There are rare occasions, however, when PR professionals make the kind of mistakes that you just can’t help but laugh at.

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Bullying & Cyberbullying

Bullying is a serious issue. It makes people feel bad, makes them do things that they might not necesarily want to do, and forces people’s hands. Cyberbullying is worse – it takes all those things, puts them online in blogs or journals or social networks, and ramps it up a level via emails, Twitters and text messaging, and instant messages.

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Do Not Try to Control the Conversation

John Bell recently explored the topic, "Who ‘owns’ conversational marketing? PR, Advertising or The People" over at Strumpette – The Naked Journal of the PR Biz.

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Your Marketing Soundtrack – Punk or Disco?

While I’m finishing the book, I wanted to do a quick post about “Punk Marketing: Get off your ass and join the revolution.” Richard Laermer, my cohort in crime at the Bad Pitch blog, wrote it with Mark Simmons.

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Blog PR Insight from Politics


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Managing Emerging Brands, Dealing with PR Fallout

It seems that 2007 brings us a “SEOs are teh devil” mantra from a multitude of newly crowned golden children of the web and to be perfectly honest it’s starting to annoy me.

No doubt the likes of Slashdot have already dealt with and got over the impact the SEO industry may or may not have on the operation of their site – having implemented procedures to deal with comment spam, crap submissions and the like, Slashdot is still doing fine.  So why are newer community driven big brand sites so anti-SEO?

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Traditonal PR w/ a Touch of Social Media

Launching a social media marketing campaign in concert with a traditional media campaign, such as press releases, is a great idea.

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How To Write Press Releases For Web Reporters

As an e-commerce journalist, my inbox is flooded with press releases. I choose, maybe, two percent of them to cover. That’s a generous estimate. Why so few? Sometimes it’s because of a plate already full, or an irrelevant or uninteresting topic (so-and-so promoted to VP of something or other). But most of the time, it’s because of poor writing.

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Bad PR – Dell But Not Apple?

I totally forgot about the amount of mainstream press that Jeff Jarvis’ generated against Dell when Dell’s customer service told him to “pound sand.”

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SES: Social Media Optimization

Some great ideas to increase visibility and traffic

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Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Corporate Communication

PR left holding the baby when things go wrong.

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eMarketing Talkshow

This Friday I will be doing an online radio interview with eMarketing Talkshow about “Push and Pull Online Public Relations”. I’ll be talking with Cindy Turrietta about the market opportunity with online PR, explaining the concept of push and pull with examples of each as well as considerations on measuring results.

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