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Farrah Fawcett Portrait in Middle of Court Debate

Farrah Fawcett, the icon of the 70’s, had her beauty immortalized in artwork that is now the center of heated debates and court proceedings. Fawcett’s Alma Mater, the University of Texas, has brought a lawsuit regarding ownership of a silkscreen picture against Ryan O’Neal, who famously shared a glamorous yet rocky and public relationship with the blonde celebrity. Though O’Neal …

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You Can Get A 3D Printed Model Of Yourself In Japan

3D printers have been used for some strange things, but the strangest has come from Japan. Back in July, we reported on a Japanese company that would recreate a fetus via 3D printing. It was a little strange, but there’s probably a market for it among mothers. Now Japan is back with another crazy 3D printer business, but it’s decidedly …

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BumpyPhoto Makes 3D Printed Portraits Of Your Friends And Family

Everybody loves a good portrait. It’s the ultimate expression of self-indulgence. What happens when you take a portrait and toss it into the future of 3D printing? Something that might be even more terrifying than 3D printed fetuses. Barry Collins of PCPro recently had the displeasure of his portrait being sent to the geniuses at BumpyPhoto. It’s a service that …

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Video Game Characters And Their Realistic Portraits

What if your favorite video game character was real? I know this sounds weird, but when you put video game sensibility into real life, the majority of time it is an epic fail. The best example is the Super Mario Bros movie, not only was it a terribly written movie, but it is a perfect example of what i’m talking …

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