BumpyPhoto Makes 3D Printed Portraits Of Your Friends And Family

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Everybody loves a good portrait. It's the ultimate expression of self-indulgence. What happens when you take a portrait and toss it into the future of 3D printing? Something that might be even more terrifying than 3D printed fetuses.

Barry Collins of PCPro recently had the displeasure of his portrait being sent to the geniuses at BumpyPhoto. It's a service that takes regular old photos and converts them into 3D using a 3D printer. Here's how Collins face turned out when converted into 3D:

Beyond how horrifying it looks from the back, it's actually pretty awesome. It seems like a no-brainer when it comes to preserving memories beyond regular photos. Sure, there are 3D cameras, but there's nothing quite like this. Here's BumpyPhoto's ad featuring more 3D printed photos:

This is all pretty cool, but looking at BumpyPhotos from the back is still kind of terrifying. It's like looking into the soul of a person only to find nothing. Barring the backsides, this is a pretty impressive service.

As 3D printing continues to take off, expect more services like these to pop up around the world. There's countless new industries just waiting to be created thanks to 3D printing.

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