Spotify Now Offers Videos, Podcasts, Pace-Tracking Running Playlists, and More

Spotify Now Offers Videos, Podcasts, Pace-Tracking Running Playlists, and More

By Josh Wolford May 20, 2015

It’s ambitious, but Spotify would like to be your all day media hub. The streaming company, with over 60 million users worldwide (about a fourth of them paying subscribers), say it’s “obsessed with figuring out how to bring music into …

Podcasting Technology Tips
As a podcaster, I often do interviews and other audio recordings when on the road.

Clients’ offices, in hotels, airports, at conferences, you name the place, opportunities often arise for recording a conversation that may end up as a podcast.

Podcast.com’s Top Podcasts of 2007

Treedia Labs and Podcast.com released their top 10 podcasts of 2007 list, and the content suggests that podcast fans are still early adopters, if early adopters can still be described as young, tech-savvy (higher income) males.

Yahoo Closing Podcasting Directory
Recently, Yahoo! announced that it is closing its Podcasts Directory service. The service will case to operate from October 31st.

The site never came out of Beta before this sudden plan to end the service. The reason for ending this service is not yet very clear. There is simply a message on the site that reads “Yahoo! apologizes deeply, but we will be closing down the Podcasts site on Oct. 31, 2007.”

Yahoo ‘Peanut Butters’ Their Podcasts Site

The pruning of extraneous services at Yahoo continues, as news emerged that the Yahoo Podcasts Beta will shut down on Halloween.

Facebook Receives NPR Podcast Player
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I like listening to music, but when local stations can’t keep me interested, I turn to National Public Radio.  Facebook users will now have the same option, as the NPR Podcast Player has made its way onto the social networking site.

The Definition of Social Media
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After publishing, "The Future of Communications – A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing," I decided to take a short break. I wanted it to reside online for people to discover before it was pushed down the page with every post to follow.

Developing At Google: Podcasts And Code Sessions

Some developer-oriented news items emerged from Google about their forthcoming Developer Day, and a pair of new podcasts just for fans of code.

Video Podcasts Closer to TV Quality
R/WW reveals how a new video podcast network called ON Networks is bringing better production quality to the humble online show. While there are a few well produced video podcasts circulating the web, most resemble a video plucked from the rejected pile of AFV.

ON Networks hopes to bring a little TV magic to your computer screen with 8 well produced shows each with great content and entertaining hosts.

SES: Podcast Optimization Tips

Yesterday I attended the Podcast Optimization session at SES in NY. Chris Sherman was moderating and speakers were Amanda Watlington, Daron Babin, and Rick Klau, all of which provided very engaging presentations. It was a great and informative seession, and here are some highlights from it:


Twitter – Uncommon Uses
In a continuation of my series Uncommon Uses (previously Podcasts, wikis and SMS text interfaces) I thought I’d look at Twitter, for such a new simple tool I’m thinking most of the uses are Uncommon Uses. One of the things that made Twitter take off was it’s simplicity and with that simplicity comes the ability for it’s users to mold it into what they want.

Podcasts Catching On, Slowly

The podcast audience has grown in the past six months, says the Pew Internet and American Life Project, but the new medium still has yet to catch a serious wave.

Mobile Media Developer podcast series

Something for you mobile techies…

Ron Moore On Podcasting And Battlestar Galactica

The ballroom was standing room only at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, the crowd was electric waiting to hear from two of their idols; first TWiT host Leo Laporte, and topped off with the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, Ron Moore, who would speak of being called a “podcasting pioneer,” how it started and why he loves it.

7 Deadly Sins of Business Podcasts

Leesa Barnes, author of the book Jumpstart Your Podcast, is a veteran, if there can be one in the podcast world, of using the medium as a marketing vehicle.

Podcasting Search Engine The Good And The Not

It is much easier for search engines to index text blogs than podcasts or videoblogs. At present, search engines are using link text and the text surrounding the links to podcasts and videoblogs as a means to index their contents.

What You Need To Know About WordPress Podcasts

WordPress is a blogging platform that has podcasting support. A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program, very much like a radio program that is listened to on the computer.