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Spotify Now Offers Videos, Podcasts, Pace-Tracking Running Playlists, and More

It’s ambitious, but Spotify would like to be your all day media hub. The streaming company, with over 60 million users worldwide (about a fourth of them paying subscribers), say it’s “obsessed with figuring out how to bring music into every part of your life, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever your mood.” And it’s just made a bunch …

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Twitter Launches Audio Cards With SoundCloud As A Partner

Twitter announced a new audio card that lets users listen to audio directly from their timelines. The first partner on board is SoundCloud. The feature works on iOS and Android devices as well as the desktop. Here’s an example from NASA: Hear us! We're on @Soundcloud. Sit back, listen & enjoy our spacey sounds: https://t.co/DOflISpiHz https://t.co/ZPHFvVZoL8 — NASA (@NASA) October …

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Silicon Valley Star Launches X-Files Analysis Podcast

I love The X-Files. You do too, unless you’re terrible. I’ve seen every episode multiple times, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t possibly learn anything new about the classic sci-fi groundbreaker. Thankfully, a new podcast is here to help. Kumail Nanjiani already hosts a popular podcast on the Nerdist network called The Indoor Kids, a show that “isn’t just about …

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After Years of Waiting, Apple Releases a Podcast App

Podcast listeners are a relatively small, yet loyal group. While others spend their daily commute or house-cleaning time listening to music, podcast fans listen to people talk, constantly filling their heads with both valuable knowledge and worthless inanities. These fans have always been well-equipped if they use Android phones. The Google Listen app allows users to subscribe to their favorite …

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