Shopify Just Launched an Ecommerce Marketing Podcast

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Shopify announced the launch of a new ecommerce marketing podcast called Shopfiy Masters. The show features interviews from successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, discussing things they've done to build their businesses.

The show runs twice a week, hosted by Shopify's Felix Thea. There are already seven episodes live (via Soundcloud) available to listen to. They generally run between 40 and 60 minutes each.

"The only people who truly understand entrepreneurship are entrepreneurs," writes Thea in a blog post announcing the podcast. "Until you've taken the leap yourself, it can be difficult to appreciate the challenge that awaits. Entrepreneurs know that building a business can be a lonely journey—because they’ve been through it. Entrepreneurs understand the focus and determination needed to create a company from the ground up."

"But entrepreneurs also know the incomparable joy that comes from watching an idea grow into a flourishing business, knowing that they created their own success," he adds. "You might be the only one of your friends or family that owns a business. Each step along your journey presents obstacles and forks in the road which can be hard to navigate, especially if you feel like you don’t have anyone to ask for help. That’s why we’re bringing you Shopify Masters, the ecommerce marketing podcast that provides you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build, launch, and grow a profitable online store."

One episode discusses how a shoe company captured over 600 emails using $90 worth of Facebook ads. One talks about how cold emailing helped a design company become a full-time business after starting as a side gig. These are just a couple of examples of the type of things you can expect to hear.

You can find all of the available episodes here.

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