Silicon Valley Star Launches X-Files Analysis Podcast

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I love The X-Files. You do too, unless you're terrible. I've seen every episode multiple times, but that doesn't mean I couldn't possibly learn anything new about the classic sci-fi groundbreaker. Thankfully, a new podcast is here to help.

Kumail Nanjiani already hosts a popular podcast on the Nerdist network called The Indoor Kids, a show that "isn't just about video games, but isn't not about video games." Now, he's entering new territory with a podcast devoted to analyzing episodes of The X-Files.

Every episode of The X-Files, in fact, in order, starting with the pilot. Episodes one and two just launched, wherein Nanjiani and a guest break down "Pilot" and "Deep Throat."

It's called The X-Files Files, and it's an absolutely wonderful idea.

And look – it's already popular!

The podcast's network, Feral Audio, also house Dan Harmon's Harmontown and Chelsea Peretti's Call Chelsea Peretti.

Nanjiani describes The X-Files as his favorite show.

You may know Nanjiani from HBO's great new show Silicon Valley, or from Portlandia. The actor/comedian should be commended for giving the world of podcasts something that it so desperately needed – painstaking analysis of every X-Files episode. I want to be clear that there is absolutely no sarcasm in that statement.

You can listen to the first episode here.

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