Brody Jenner Reveals He Dated His Sister-in-Law Before She Married His Brother

Brody Jenner Reveals He Dated His Sister-in-Law Before She Married His Brother

By Meaghan Ellis June 30, 2014

Brody Jenner recently revealed an interesting secret about his past. According to US Weekly, the Keeping Up With the Kardashian reality TV star once dated his sister-in-law, Leah Jenner. The 30-year-old reality star shared details about the brief affair during his podcast, on …

SES Round-up
Jolina and Mike had a great time at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago. Not only is it the windy city, but a festive, cold and snowy one too by the sounds of it.

Off to Speak at SES Chicago

Brrr!  I am off to Chicago in the morning to speak at SES. Temperatures below freezing and snow already on the ground.  For a little African lizard like me used to blazing heat it’s way too cold.  I bought myself some thermal underwear and pulled out my down parka and off I go.

Digg School – 4 Tips To Digg Success

Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of posts that caught the attention of Digg users. Many were surprises, but a dozen or so were written specifically for Digg, mostly for clients.

It Isn’t About the Eyeballs, It’s the Brains

Bobbie Johnson wrote a Techmeme leaderboard roundup post in which he divulged that being on Techmeme — gasp! — doesn’t drive a whole pile of traffic, and both Robert Scoble and Nick Carr have jumped into the fray, talking about what Scobleizer calls the “dirty little truth” about Techmeme.

Yahoo To Axe Podcast Search

Call it a conspiracy of market timing, Moore’s Law and Murphy’s Law, but just as video killed the radio star in 1980, YouTube, and to a certain extent, the video iPod, killed the audio podcaster.

Strategies For Getting Into Podcasting

WebProNews’ Kara Ratliff caught up to Roxanne Darling from Bare Feet Studios and Beach Walks with Rox at the 2007 Podcast and New Media Expo.

How Do You Value Podcast Content?

CEO of Gigavox Media, Michael Geoghegan answered that question in a video interview with WebProNews report Kara Ratliff at the Podcast Expo.

Podcast Expo: Where’s The Host Connection?

Jim Louderback walked away from PC Magazine to helm Revision3 for Kevin Rose. He provided a keynote address at the Podcast and New Media Expo where he mentioned the importance of a host for a show.

Podcast Expo: The Secret To Stardom

Franklin McMahon brought his session attendees at the Podcast and New Media Expo a selection of tips to help them make the most of their podcasting efforts.

Podcast Expo: Capturing An Audience

Podcasts can be cool, but “cool” isn’t necessarily enough to attract new customers or increase your profits.  So Eric Schwartzman, iPressroom’s founder and chairman, gave relevant advice in a session called “Attracting/Growing Your Audience.”

Podcast Expo: Wallstrip Creator Gives Insight
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The New Media is so, well, new, success within it – taking your idea from the computer screen to the Big Dance that is Old Media – brings throngs of listeners eager to hear how you did it, and how they can do it, too.

Podcast Expo: Working With Advertisers

WebProNews will be reporting from the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California taking place through Sunday.

Careful How You Use Flickr Images

When I started my music podcast, I needed an apporpriate image for the podcast blog. I found an ideal image on Flickr accompanied by a Creative Commons attribution share-alike license. The image of an electric guitar neck now graces the JamJourney blog.

Net Evangelist’s Regulation Rejection

In a BBC Radio 4 interview [podcast], Vint Cerf – known as one of the founding fathers of the Internet – protested that the Internet is merely reflecting society not leading it…

SES – Lee’s Day 2 Wrap Up
Test: How many geeks (and proud of it) in this picture?

Sphinn Meetup

Facebook Receives NPR Podcast Player
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I like listening to music, but when local stations can’t keep me interested, I turn to National Public Radio.  Facebook users will now have the same option, as the NPR Podcast Player has made its way onto the social networking site.