Brody Jenner Reveals He Dated His Sister-in-Law Before She Married His Brother


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Brody Jenner recently revealed an interesting secret about his past.

According to US Weekly, the Keeping Up With the Kardashian reality TV star once dated his sister-in-law, Leah Jenner.

The 30-year-old reality star shared details about the brief affair during his podcast, on Thursday, June 26. The Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr. Mike Dow features the former Hills star star engaging in discussions about love and dating with relationship expert, Mike Dow.

Leah, who also appeared on the new podcast, started things off when she shared details about how she met her husband and Brody's brother, Brandon. They'd actually known each other since they were children. "We've known each other since we were 11 years old; I was 11 years old, he was 13," Leah explained.

"We started playing [music] in high school together. I had a boyfriend, he had a girlfriend. And then when I was single one day, he was single one day and he came up to me and he's like, ‘I've been in love with you since you were 11 years old.'"

However, things got really interesting when Brody interrupted Leah, revealing who her boyfriend was at the time. "That wasn't true! That is not true," Leah hurried to explain.

"I met Brandon through Brody. We went to school together when we were 11. Okay, 11," she clarified. "You don't kiss, you don't make out, you don't hold hands, you beat each other up, you play basketball," Leah quipped.

Although she tried to deny Brody's claim, she eventually admitted that it was true. But, she wasn't going to let him have the moment of glory! She clarified that he was her boyfriend in fifth grade; a time when innocence is keen. "So he was my boyfriend in the fifth grade, Brody was [but] we never kissed," she added.

On May 31, 2012, Leah married Brandon Jenner outside the St. Regis Princeville Resort in Hawaii. Of course, Brody was the best man. Fans can check out the Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr. Mike Dow via PadcastOne.

Image via Brody Jenner, Twitter