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Acid Tank Explosion at Rolls-Royce Plant Injures Nine People

An acid spill¬†Friday afternoon near Indianapolis led to an explosion that injured workers at a Rolls-Royce plant. Authorities with the Indianapolis Fire Department confirmed that the transferring of nitric acid at the West Township-based facility caused the incident. The department’s spokesman Patrick Pruitt says that the highly explosive chemical was being removed from a 250-gallon tank. Workers on the manufacturing …

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Omaha Explosion Claims the Lives of Two Workers

An explosion at an Omaha, Neb., factory left two dead and ten hospitalized on Monday morning. Thirty-eight staff members were working at the International Nutrition animal-feeding plant when a sudden explosion knocked out the lights in the building. Authorities are clueless to what may have caused the incident but reported that witnesses saw the back wall of the building collapse. …

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The ‘Map of Life’ Tracks All Life on Planet Earth

The Map of life is an online tool that tracks and catalogues all of the world’s biodiversity. Every species of animal and plant life is catalogued and presented to you on an in-browser app. The project is led by biodiversity scientists Walter Jetz and Robert Gurainick. The goal is to create a living map that measures biodiversity in geographical terms, …

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