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DC Superheroes Remade As Pixar Characters
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Put this under the category of “Not gonna ever happen in a hundred million years.” Some of our favorite DC superheroes have been re-imagined in the style of Pixar animation. For those of you living under a rock, Pixar is …

Pixar Almost Lost Every Bit of Footage from Toy Story 2
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Have you ever accidentally deleted something important you were working on at the most inopportune moment? Of course you have. In a computerized world, this sort of mistake happens all the time. Unless you’re some sort of impossibly meticulous individual …

Pixar Is Making A Day Of The Dead Movie
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Disney Pixar has just revealed the setting of an upcoming film, and it’s pretty exciting. First announced at Disney’s CinemaCon and later confirmed on Twitter, Pixar is planning their next full length feature to revolve around The Day of the …

Pixar’s Brave: New Trailer, Clip Arrive Online

After the critical debacle that was directors John Lasseter and Brad Lewis’ impossibly misguided sequel “Cars 2″, it’s good to know that Pixar is headed back to the well of originality for their next endeavor. Not that there’s anything wrong …

Disney 1-Ups Promotional Campaign for Wreck-It Ralph with New Poster
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Here is the new poster for the Disney Pixar Animation Film to be released in November, Wreck-It-Ralph. As the release date gets closer and closer expect more promotions to be released, so far we have little to go on, aside …

Steve Jobs’ FBI File Is Released For The World To See

The FBI has released Steve Jobs’ file from when he was being considered for a presidential appointment in 1991 under George Bush Sr. The file contains a lot of stuff that we already knew, such as Jobs experimenting with drugs …

Twitter Puts Pixar’s CFO On Payroll
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Twitter’s at last found someone to be its chief financial officer, and the man appears to be more than qualified for the position.  Ali Rowghani actually comes to Twitter from Pixar, where he also held the title of CFO.

Pixar is, of course, the popular animation studio responsible for movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and WALL-E.  Disney bought it in 2006 for $7.4 billion, and Rowghani was present at the time, having started at Pixar in 2001.

Google Board Member Ensnared In Pixar Backdating Probe

Ann Mather, formerly the CFO at Pixar, will face charges from the Securities & Exchange Commission related to their investigation of stock option backdating at the animation company.

Disney Announces Pixar 3D Movies

Walt Disney has announced that Disney and Pixar will make eight new 3D animated films in the next four years.

With the exception of "Wall*E", a robot love story and the hand drawn "Princess and the Frog", all the movies will be in digital 3D the studio said. All the 3D films will also be available in a 2D format.