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Missing Jet: Third “Ping” Brings New Hope?

The missing jet, Malaysian Flight MH370, could possibly be closer to being found after a third “ping” was detected on Sunday that could possibly be signals from the plane’s black box, according to AP. The first of these pings was …

Missing Jet: Ping May Not Be From Plane’s Black Box

The missing jet mystery continues as a Chinese vessel’s black box detector deployed by the vessel Haixun 01 picked up a “ping” signal on Saturday in the search for the plane’s black box. The signal had a frequency of 37.5kHz …

Ping Is Officially Shutting Down Ping Is Officially Shutting Down
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It’s official. Apple’s Ping is no more. Apple’s iTunes-based “social network,” which was introduced with iTunes 10, is going away as of September 30. This isn’t much of a shock. Apple CEO Tim Cook was talking about shutting it down …

Ping To Be Killed With Next iTunes Update Ping To Be Killed With Next iTunes Update

Late last month at we brought you news that Apple may finally kill off Ping, the failed music-based social network introduced in 2010 with iTunes 10. Speaking at AllThingsD’s D10 Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that Ping had failed …

Tim Cook: Apple May Kill Off Ping Tim Cook: Apple May Kill Off Ping

Speaking to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at last night to kick off AllThingsD’s D10 Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple is exploring the possibility of killing Ping. Wait, you may be saying, what’s Ping? Considering how little …

Apple’s Ping Draws a Great Deal of Criticism
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Apple’s Ping social network, which the company launched as part of the new iTunes 10, has drawn a big mix of excitement and criticism. While most seem to agree that the concept beind Ping is a pretty good idea (social network-meets-music-buying) it’s not exactly the seamless experience one might hope for.

Let’s take a look at some points made around the Blogosphere.

Google, Facebook and Boxee Respond to Apple
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Update 2: Swisher reports that Facebook blocked API access to Ping after failing to strike an agreement with Apple, so Apple removed the feature after launch. She credits "sources familiar with Facebook’s platform" with this information.