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Bacon Prices Rise as Virus Kills Newborn Pigs

Bacon prices are rising as a virus sweeps though the Unites States, killing baby pigs. The Associated Press reported that the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, which has never been seen in the United States, has already killed millions of pigs in twenty seven states. The price of bacon has risen nearly thirteen percent over the past year. Farmers are desperately …

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Swine Flu (H1N1) An Epidemic In The U.S?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claim that the swine flu, known as H1N1 is spreading widely throughout the U.S. and has now extended into 10 states. This is the same flu that in 2009 was seen as a worldwide pandemic, which caused 12,000 American deaths. Apparently that flu, during peak flu season, has surfaced with a vengeance in parts …

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The Pig Invasion of San Ramon, California

“It looks like a tornado has hopped from yard to yard,” Carrie Spurlock said to NBC Bay Area. “We’ve tried to deter them, but they keep coming back.” The piggy invasion has begun; hordes are arriving in the suburbs of San Ramon, California. Over the span of months, an estimated 20 ravenous swine have dug up California Bay Area resident’s …

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Pot-Eating Pigs End Up Fat And Delicious

Pot-eating pigs are the reality for some pork farmers in Washington state after the state legalized marijuana use late last year. You’re not going to get high from these porcine, but these pot-eating pigs are apparently delicious. Reuters reports that Susannah Gross, a farmer outside of Seattle, has been feeding her pigs the leftovers of the marijuana plant. It’s an …

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Dead Pigs in River Float into Shanghai

The New York Times is reporting that more than 2,800 dead pigs have been found floating into Shanghai in the Huangpu River, which flows through the city. The incident has raised concerns about contamination of Shanghai tap water. The carcasses were evidently coming from somewhere upstream, and Chinese officials are currently trying to identify the source of the pigs. The …

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Angry Birds Dishes Out The Summer Fun With New Lawn Game

Rovio has decided that they are going to try to put their Angry Birds brand on almost everything they can get their hands on. The newest addition to that family is the Angry Birds Action Game. This indoor/outdoor action game actually looks kind of cool. The goal of it being that you build a Jenga like tower that supports a …

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