Pot-Eating Pigs End Up Fat And Delicious

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Pot-eating pigs are the reality for some pork farmers in Washington state after the state legalized marijuana use late last year. You're not going to get high from these porcine, but these pot-eating pigs are apparently delicious.

Reuters reports that Susannah Gross, a farmer outside of Seattle, has been feeding her pigs the leftovers of the marijuana plant. It's an experiment that few farmers are participating in, but the results so far are encouraging.

Much like humans, pigs under the influence of marijuana eat far more food. This leads to pigs being 20 to 30 pounds heavier than usual. It also leads to the pigs being tastier than usual, at least to those who partook in a local "Pot Pig Gig" that saw the pork resulting from the pot-eating pigs being served as part of a meal.

The success of this initial program now has pot growers and farmers in Washington excited over the idea of raising chickens and cows on the leftovers of the pot plants.

Oh, and for those wondering, you're probably not going to get high from eating animals fed weed waste. No studies so far have yet to find a link, but there's not a lot of data out there to begin with. There will obviously be more studies once the use of weed waste as animal food enters the mainstream.

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