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Twitter Photo Galleries Launched Twitter Photo Galleries Launched
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Twitter has released photo galleries for individual users, in a subtle move that could have huge implications for the social network’s competition with rivals Facebook and Google+. In Twitter’s help center, it says, “User galleries on Twitter aggregate the images …

Twitter Media Upload API Launched Twitter Media Upload API Launched
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Last week, Twitter rolled out its new photo sharing feature, and now they’ve announced they’re sharing the Twitter Media Upload API. This will allow developers to attach images to tweets. Jason Costa, who works on Platform at Twitter writes: If …

Twitter Photo Sharing Feature Now Live Twitter Photo Sharing Feature Now Live
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Twitter appears to be olling out its native photo sharing feature. If you click on the “what’s happening now” box on Twitter.com, you will see a camera icon, which when clicked, will allow you to choose a photo from your …

Flickr Hits 6 Billion Photos Flickr Hits 6 Billion Photos
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Flickr, the photo sharing site owned by Yahoo, announced today that it has uploaded its 6 billionth photo. “Over the last 5 years uploads have been increasing 20% year-over-year and we love hitting a milestone like this,” says Flickr’s Kay …

Instagram Milestone: 150 Million Photos Instagram Milestone: 150 Million Photos

I’ll preface this post by saying that I am a total Instagram fanboy. No shame. What I first downloaded on a whim has earned a place on my mobile device home screen. It’s an app that I find myself checking …

Google+ Makes Picasa Web Albums Cool Again Google+ Makes Picasa Web Albums Cool Again
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If Google+ accomplishes nothing else for Google (though it looks like it may accomplish quite a bit), it seems to be getting people using Picasa Web Albums more, and that is a direct competitor of Facebook’s Photos. The whole Google+ …

Facebook Photos of Amputees Used on Porn Sites Facebook Photos of Amputees Used on Porn Sites
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When you put a photo of yourself on Facebook, few think about the fact that the photo can be copied and disseminated for any number of purposes. Whether it be to advertise a product, become the butt of an internet …

Twitter’s Photo Feature and Third-Party Apps Twitter’s Photo Feature and Third-Party Apps

As you may know, Twitter announced a partnership with PhotoBucket and the ability for Twitter users to upload photos and attach them to tweets right from Twtiter.com. The functionality will also roll out to Twitter’s mobile apps. This leaves questions …

Twitter Said to Be Launching Image Service, Acquiring AdGrok Twitter Said to Be Launching Image Service, Acquiring AdGrok
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Last week, Twitter officially announced its acquisition of TweetDeck, and if there is merit to the rumors emerging, the company also has some other fairly big news on the way. Alexia Tsotsis at TechCrunch is reporting, citing “multiple sources,” that …

Facebook Rolls Out Page Tagging in Photos Facebook Rolls Out Page Tagging in Photos
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Starting Today, Facebook users can tag pages in their photos. Previously, only friends were able to be tagged and linked to within photos. A certain page can now be tagged by anyone on Facebook, not simply those who have liked …

Unlimited Photo Storage From Photobucket, Snapbucket App launched Unlimited Photo Storage From Photobucket, Snapbucket App launched
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Photobucket announced today that it is now offering unlimited photo storage. Photobucket supports iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows 7 (in addition to the mobile web), but the company tells WebProNews Android is currently its biggest platform. According to the company, …

Rough Launch, But Color-full Future Rough Launch, But Color-full Future
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iPhone mobile application Color recently had one of the most talked about startup product launches in a long time. A lot of that was due the fact that they raised $41M prelaunch, have a well-known team, and the mobile photo-sharing …

Color Privacy – If Privacy Is Your Thing, Color May Not Be For You
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Social media and privacy don’t tend to play well together, as we’ve seen in the past. Sure, there are always privacy settings, but these are usually emphasized as an afterthought. Things are a bit different with Color, however. No, color …

Color – Next Big Thing or Just Overblown Hype?
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Well, it looks like the hot new startup is Color. Just about everyone in the tech blogosphere is talking about it. Of course that doesn’t always translate into mainstream success, but Color did secure $41 million in funding from Sequoia …

Bahrain Protest Photos Flood Flickr

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube often get a lot of the attention when it comes to social media spreading news of revolutions and uprisings in foreign nations, but Yahoo-owned Flickr is reminding everyone that it plays a significant role as well. 

Photos can say a lot, and Flickr has plenty of those. The company is highlighting user-submitted photos from the protests in Bahrain. 

Facebook’s New Photo Viewer Rolls Out To Everyone
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Last fall, Facebook announced some new features for Photos. Among these were a new photo viewer. Now, the company has announced that the new viewer has been rolled out to everybody. 

Facebook To Roll Out Facial Recognition Feature
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Facebook long ago passed Flickr to become the world’s largest photo-sharing site, and thanks to an impending upgrade, its lead may soon increase.  Facebook announced late yesterday that it’s developed facial recognition software to help users tag photos.

Kodak Launches Facebook Photo Album App

Kodak has introduced a “Social Photo Album Creator” for Facebook that lets people combine photos from the site and work with others to make an album together.

There are three steps to using the Social Photo Album Creator:




What Does Path Have to Offer vs. Facebook and Others?
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This week a new photo sharing social network received a great deal of attention. It’s called Path and has a pretty impressive list of names backing it. These include Ashton Kutcher, Ron Conway, Kevin Rose, Keith Rabois, Dustin Moskovitz, Marc Benioff, Gary Vaynerchuk, Steve Anderson, Tim Draper, Joi Ito, Fadi Ghandour, Matt Cohler, Sam Lessin, Bill Randuchel, Karl Jacob, Paul Buchheit, Ruchi Sanghvi, John Couch, Michael Parekh, Claudio Chiuchiarelli, Maurice Werdegar, Don Dodge, and Chris Kelly. 

Facebook Photos Goes Drag-And-Drop
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Three weeks ago, Facebook took several steps to improve its handling of photos, introducing a streamlined tagging and uploading process, a better photo viewer, and support for high-resolution pics.  Now the company’s at it again with a drag-and-drop option.

Facebook Launches New Features for Photos
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Facebook has introduced 3 new features for Photos. These include high resolution images (storing bigger pictures), a new viewer for browsing photos, and a new uploader with better tagging. 

Facebook is rolling out support for print-quality, hi-res photos. They’re increasing the size of the photos stored from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels on the largest side or 8 times bigger overall.