Facebook Cover Photos: Jazz Up Your Timeline

Mike TuttleSocial Media

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Yesterday, we talked about some cool layouts people are coming up with for their Facebook Cover photos. Let's take a look at a few really simple things you can do to make your own snazzy cover photo.

1) Cover Photo Sites (basic way)

Sites that carry photos that work perfectly for Cover photos are popping up like mad. Here's one. Here's another. And another. Simple enough. Some even offer custom photo design as a service.

2) Google Images (intermediate way)

Do a Google Images search for whatever interests you. Let's say, for example, you're fan of Britney Spears (work with me here). Search that. Tons of image results, but not exactly suitable for Cover photos.

Now, look down the left side of the Images results page. Specify the Exact Size of your image results to be 850px X 315px and click that little Search button.

Blizzow. Look at all those Cover photos.

Do any Google Images search with a specified exact dimension of 850 X 315 and you're in easy. Which leads us to...

3) Edit an Existing Pic, or Build a New One (best way)

Which graphics program you choose to edit with is entirely up to you. Just make your canvas 850 X 315, or crop it so it ends up there.

With building your own pics, you can use your own face in the photos, come up with some cool coordinating layouts for the Cover and Profile pics, etc. Like this...

Have fun!

Mike Tuttle
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