Carousel Lets Don Draper Wax Nostalgic About Your Instagram Photos

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Fans of AMC's Mad Men probably remember the scene where a beleaguered Don Draper makes a pitch to the guys from Kodak on how to sell their new device, the Carousel. He markets the rotating slide projector on the feeling of nostalgia, using pictures from his own life the make the point. It's one of the most emotional and probably one of the best scenes in the entire series.

You can watch the scene below, for reference -

Johannes Wagener, a participant in the Boston Music Hack Day has developed an app that uses this scene from Mad Men to give you a nostalgic trip through your favorite Instagram photos.

The app, Carousel, connects you your Instagram account. Once you allow access, you are presented with the "carousel builder," where you choose which photos from your collection you want to feature in the slideshow as well as the order in which you want them to be displayed.

From there, you can let Don Draper narrate your slideshow, or you can record your own voice-overs for each photo. The Don Draper dialogue is pulled straight from the scene.

Each user is given a specific URL they can share with their friends. You can check out mine here, although I realized while trying out this app that I probably drink too much beer. Oh well. It's a really fun use of Instagram and can be appreciated by everyone - but Mad Men fans will get an extra kick out of it.

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