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Epic Photo Thread From Quora Is, Well, Epic Epic Photo Thread From Quora Is, Well, Epic

There’s a thread on Quora right now that asks “What’s the most epic photo ever taken,” and some of the submissions are truly mind-blowing. Of course, in the many years of photography, people have captured an innumerable amount of iconic …

This Grandmother Has Some Great Social Media/Tech Tips This Grandmother Has Some Great Social Media/Tech Tips

Think about it: what’s the best piece of advice that your grandmother ever gave you? Personally, my answer to that question is simple. Feeling guilty about accepting money from a neighbor when I was a kid (I was a weird …

This Camera Tracks Photons At A Trillion Frames Per Second This Camera Tracks Photons At A Trillion Frames Per Second
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Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed an “imaging solution” that let’s you “visualize propagation of light at an effective rate of one trillion frames per second.” In other words, MIT researchers have developed a camera that captures at …

Instagram Finally Coming To Android Instagram Finally Coming To Android

Everyone’s favorite iPhone photography app, Instagram, is finally coming to Android devices. “We have two people working on Android now,” Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram said at the LeWeb conference in Paris. “I’m excited to be able to see our …

Micro, Mysterious, & Melancholy Micro, Mysterious, & Melancholy
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After straining your eyes all day reading through news stories and social media updates, relax your ocular muscles and enjoy the more captivating photos we found today on Google+. Move your mouse cursor over each image to see the caption …

iOS5 Tip: How To Take Photos With Your iPhone Using Earbuds iOS5 Tip: How To Take Photos With Your iPhone Using Earbuds

Any photographer will tell you that a cable release is a great tool to have. It allows you to take a photo without laying a finger on your camera. Now, anyone with an iPhone, sporting iOS 5, has that same …

The iPhone 4S Camera Is Beginning To Take Over Flickr The iPhone 4S Camera Is Beginning To Take Over Flickr
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Popular photo sharing site Flickr is a community of all kinds of photogs. Browsing the site, you’re likely to see photographs taken will all kinds of devices – smartphones, point-and-shoot, and DSLR. The most popular camera on the site is …

Louis Daguerre, Daguerreotype Inventor, Honored With A Google Doodle Louis Daguerre, Daguerreotype Inventor, Honored With A Google Doodle
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Today, Google is celebrating one of the early pioneers of photography with a Doodle that resembles the daguerreotype. Today is the birthday of French artist and scientist Louis Daguerre, inventor of the daguerreotype process. He would be 224 years old. …

Beautiful Photos Taken With the iPhone 4S Beautiful Photos Taken With the iPhone 4S
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During Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” media they finally unveiled their latest must have device, the iPhone 4S. It’s not quite the iPhone 5 that everyone was anticipating, but the 4S does bring some interesting advancements to the table. The talk …

Getty Images Now Offering Flickr Pics

Flickr and Getty Images announced a partnership last summer to make licensing Flickr images easy. Now, they have launched the site where users can do just that. They’re referring to it as simply the Flickr Collection.

The collection contains handpicked images with "an originality and authenticity rare in stock photos" in the site’s words. The images come in both rights-managed and royalty-free options.

Get Your Photos on Google Maps Street View
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Google has introduced a new feature for Street View on Google Maps. This allows users to submit their own photos for places Street View has on display.

Flickr’s ‘Your Contacts’ Page Gets Improvements

Improved Contacts Management – Flickr Blog Yesterday Flickr released a revamped version of your "Your Contacts" page on Flickr.

Flickr Improves Your Contacts Page

MySpace and HP Work on Printing Your Profile Photos
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MySpace and HP have teamed up on a deal that will see HP printing technology used across multiple areas on MySpace, including all photo sections. You will be able to easily print pictures from not only people’s profile photos, but ones that are inserted into blog posts, comments, messages, etc. 

The first stage of the partnership is anticipated to include an HP branded print button enabling MySpace users to preview and print photos directly from their MySpace profiles.

Microsoft’s Pro Photo Summit

My pal Robert Scoble has a blog post up entitled "Is Microsoft Trying to Capture the Photography Market?" Robert’s post is in part a reaction to Microsoft’s invite only Pro Photo Summit which is taking place this week up on Wednesday and Thursday at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond. Scoble is going to be attending as am I.

Microsoft Gets Ready to Talk Photography

Microsoft is hosting Pro Photo Summit 2008 this week, a two-day event that "brings together renowned professional photographers and industry leaders" in Redmond.

According to Microsoft’s page for the Summit, said industry leaders will be discussing the biggest issues that are affecting the photography industry.

Keynote presentations will come from Microsoft CTO David Vaskevitch and nature photographer Frans Lanting.

Ha ha, your picture's on the Internet

The bellowing fellow now immortalized as Mr. Angry Overreaction Man demanded a photographer not put his raging visage online. You can guess what happened next.

Photoshop Express’ TOS Gets Updated

TWIP has a post out on Adobe updating their TOS for their new online Photoshop Express product. Initially some photographers had been concerned because the previous terms of service with the online service suggested that you were signing over rights of your photos to Adobe by using the service.

Adobe’s TOS now reads:

Flickr Rises As Yahoo Photos Departs

Shutting down Yahoo Photos in favor of the popular Flickr service has helped lift Flickr’s market share of photography traffic.

Social Photo Sharing and Stock Photography

Dan Heller’s Photography Business Blog: "In 2000, I wrote an article called, ‘The Five Truisms of the Photography Business’, and Truism #1 is ‘There are more people who have photography as a hobby than as a profession.’

Seeking One Good Digital Photography Blogger

I’ve decided to open one more position up for Guest Blogging on Digital Photography Blog.
There are already two bloggers who will be working on it – but I’d like one more blogger to help lighten the load on them.

How to Choose Stock Photography for your Web Site

So you’ve decided to take the plunge. You know that stock photography is an effective tool for your web business, but where do you start and how do you choose the stock photo that’s right for you. Here are some tips to get you started so that you are happy with your choice.