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Twitter Wants Celebs to Stop Posting Instagram Links

Twitter wants celebrities and other high-profile users to know that Twitter has its own photo editing tools and that they should be using those, and posting photos natively via Twitter – not just cross posting their Instagram photos to Twitter. That’s just lazy. Plus, they don’t even show up, remember? This has been a common sight on Twitter for a …

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Woman Transformed With Photoshop [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that pretty much any photo of a woman on the cover of a magazine has received at least some degree of photo editing. The extent of the Photoshopping one model received will blow your mind, though. While the video below has been around for at least a year, it is being widely circulated on Facebook right now …

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Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available On Windows, Mac

Are you a professional photographer traveling the world looking for that perfect shot? Or are you an amateur photographer taking pictures of your dog on the weekends? In either scenario, you’re going to need some photo editing software to really bring out the life in your photos. Adobe might just have what you need. Adobe announced that Lightroom 5, the …

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Lovestagram Lets Instagram Make Valentine Cards

Do you have a special somebody in your life? Do you want to make their Valentine’s Day special? Use Lovestagram, a new service created by Kaitlyn Trigger, girlfriend of Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram. Lovestagram is being billed as Trigger’s Valentine’s Day gift to Krieger. It allows Instagram users to create custom Valentines Day cards from their photos on Instagram. …

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