Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available On Windows, Mac

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Are you a professional photographer traveling the world looking for that perfect shot? Or are you an amateur photographer taking pictures of your dog on the weekends? In either scenario, you're going to need some photo editing software to really bring out the life in your photos. Adobe might just have what you need.

Adobe announced that Lightroom 5, the successor to its popular Lightroom 4 photo editing software, will be available through a free public beta starting today. Fans of Lightroom will be able to test all the new features in the latest version of Lightroom before it becomes commercially available later this year.

“Lightroom is the essential tool for busy professional and discerning amateur photographers, who are uncompromising in the pursuit for image quality or searching for artistic expression,” said Winston Hendrickson, vice president of digital imaging products, Adobe. “The Lightroom 5 beta is highly valuable in ensuring the new features support and address the needs of our customers and we look forward to hearing feedback.”

Lightroom 5 has a number of new features and enhancements that promise to make the photo editing process easier than ever:

  • Advanced Healing Brush allows customers to heal imperfections and remove distracting elements
  • Upright tool analyzes an image to automatically level horizons and straighten objects like buildings to correct a keystone effect
  • Radial Gradient tool creates off-center or multiple vignette effects
  • Smart Previews allow customers to edit images without needing the original raw file
  • Video slideshow enables customers to combine still images, video clips and music in a creative HD slideshow
  • Upgrades to the Book module enhancing the ability to create, customize and order elegant photo books using a variety of tailored templates
  • The Lightroom 5 beta will be available on machines running Windows 7 SP1/8 and Mac OSX 10.7/10.8. You can grab the free beta here.