Twitter Wants Celebs to Stop Posting Instagram Links

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Twitter wants celebrities and other high-profile users to know that Twitter has its own photo editing tools and that they should be using those, and posting photos natively via Twitter – not just cross posting their Instagram photos to Twitter.

That's just lazy. Plus, they don't even show up, remember?

This has been a common sight on Twitter for a little over two years:

Of course, Twitter users sure would like to see that Wednesday night bro-down with Adele, but they can't. That's because Instagram disabled Twitter integration in December of 2012, making it so that Twitter cannot display Instagram photos when those links are posted. At the time, some wondered whether that was a smart move for Instagram – rooting themselves out of Twitter in an attempt to keep people inside their own garden. But two years later, Instagram's doing just fine.

Now, Twitter is taking action to try to rid the service of all those photo-less Instagram links. Mashable obtained screenshots of some prompts Twitter recently sent out to "a group of notable users in media, entertainment, sports and other categories", urging them to "post their photos directly on Twitter to make sure their fans always see them".

The visual aid shows the difference between a tweet with an Instagram link and one with nice big native Twitter photo attached.

Will it work? Who knows. It's really convenient to simply tap the cross-post the Twitter button when posting on Instagram. Hey, at least some celebs are complying.

Image via Lady Gaga, Twitter

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