Woman Transformed With Photoshop [VIDEO]

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It's no secret that pretty much any photo of a woman on the cover of a magazine has received at least some degree of photo editing. The extent of the Photoshopping one model received will blow your mind, though. While the video below has been around for at least a year, it is being widely circulated on Facebook right now to make women realize that the models they're idolizing probably don't quite look like that in real life.

In the short video below, which was created by GlobalDemocracy.com, you'll see a time-lapse of the model being transformed after her photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop.

And here are the before and after shots, so you can see just how dramatic the transformation is after all of the changes were made:


Thanks to some magazine Photoshopping bloopers where fingers were misplaced and one edited arm or leg was accidentally left a lot longer than the other, even those of us who barely know what Photoshop is know that using the editor to make drastic changes is possible. However, knowing what Photoshop is capable of and seeing it in action are two different things.

While seeing some of the changes in the model's before and after shots probably weren't overly shocking (after all, changes in lighting, makeup and hair are to be expected), watching her eyes and legs grow in size will certainly take you aback. Even Cosmopolitan, a magazine that is known for airbrushing its photos to a ridiculous extent at times, calls the Photoshopping job "insane."

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[Image via YouTube]