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Former Employee Sued Over Twitter

Noah Kravitz, was recently sued by his former employer PhoneDog, for keeping and renaming his Twitter account he’d kept for that company. Phonedog seeks $340,000 in damages – $2.50 per follower (Kravitz had amassed 17K during his time at Phonedog), per month, for 8 months. Kravitz argues that PhoneDog has overestimated the value of the account, and that Twitter is …

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Follow-Up: PhoneDog Discusses Twitter Lawsuit

On Tuesday we ran a story about a lawsuit brought by PhoneDog against one of their former employees, Noah Kravitz. When Kravitz left the company in October 2010 he took the Twitter account – formerly Phonedog_Noah, now NoahKravitz – with him. The company asked only that he continue to post about them periodically. Then, eight months later, PhoneDog sued Kravitz …

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Company Sues Former Employee Over Twitter Account

In 2006 Noah Kravitz went to work for Phonedog, a news site specializing in mobile phone related news. During his four years as a writer for Phonedog, his Twitter profile, Phonedog_Noah, picked up 17,000 followers. When he left the company last October, he was told that he could keep the account, provided he tweeted about Phonedog once in a while. …

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