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Obama’s NSA Overhaul: Worth a Damn?

After an outpouring of outrage from Americans about their loss of privacy, President Obama is calling on the NSA to change how it does business. The question is, “Will this make any real difference?” At the heart of most of the debate about the NSA’s bulk phone data collection practices is something called “metadata”. Essentially, this is information commonly collected …

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Bold Move: Lawyer Demands Phone Records from NSA to Prove Client’s Innocence

This is either the most brilliantly executed defensive move I’ve heard about in quite some time, or possibly the most ill-conceived air-grab since my buddy asked to read his wife’s texts “to prove she’s getting them ok.” Only time will tell. Another question to remand to the future historians – what’s the deal with the NSA’s recently revealed phone data …

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Jessica Dorrell: Phone Records Indicate She was Heavily Involved with Petrino

We reported to you earlier that Arkansas Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino hired Jessica Dorrell, his mistress, as the Student Athlete Development Coordinator four days before the motorcycle accident that revealed their relationship. Petrino was fired and has shamed his wife Becky and their four children. But apparently his relationship with Dorrell was more than just a fling. According to phone …

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