Dolly Parton Performs At Glastonbury

Dolly Parton Performs At Glastonbury

By Lindsay McCane June 30, 2014

Dolly Parton recently fulfilled one her lifetime dreams of performing at Glastonbury Festival, one of England’s most anticipated summer events. Parton performed several of her songs in front of 150,000 fans at the normally muddy event at Worthy Farm in …

Twitter Increasing The Speed At Which You Access Tweets Twitter Increasing The Speed At Which You Access Tweets

I think Twitter is pretty fast and I bet most of the service’s users do as well. Pretty fast is never good enough, however, so the microblogging site has gone back to the drawing board to make it even faster. …

New Energy Drink For Gamers Boasts “Faster Reactions, No Distractions” New Energy Drink For Gamers Boasts “Faster Reactions, No Distractions”


Have you ever been on a gaming bender, I mean a real gaming bender – the I’m-not-leaving-the-couch-except-to-pee-and-maybe-not-even-then type of marathon? Man cannot live on pizza and beer alone if they want to spend the next 14 hours leveling up in …

New Yahoo CEO’s Salary Based ‘Mostly’ On Performance

Let me walk you through my two reactions to learning about the compensation package for newly appointed Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz.


Azoogle Seeks CPA Traction In Europe

Partnerships for New York-based performance ad network Azoogle in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe may help drive acceptance of the cost per action model across the Continent.

Yahoo European Staff Warned Over Performance
Yahoo! has an ultimatum over European performance, informs a post in MSNBC.

Facebook: Why Microsoft’s Buy Makes Sense

Forget about the $15-billion valuation for a moment — which I admit is difficult to do, since it amounts to about 100 times the company’s estimated annual revenue, a bubblicious multiple by almost any definition (Google is currently trading at about 14 times sales).

Online Presidential Performance Index Launched

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Spartan Internet Consulting Corporation said it is releasing an Internet political performance index for the 2008 Presidential election.

Google Adwords Expanded Broad Match

Be careful when using broad match keywords in a Google adWords campaign.

AdWords: Placement Performance Report

Webmaster World reported the first ever unveiling of Google AdWords’ Placement Performance Report.

Schmidt Pleased With Chinese Chief’s Performance

How’s this for a job: run the foreign arm of a gigantic corporation, and don’t worry about making any money for, oh, four or so years.  That’s apparently what Google’s Kai-Fu Lee has been told to do in China.  Yet Lee has other responsibilities, and CEO Eric Schmidt claims to be more than satisfied with the man’s performance.

Murdoch Would Bolster WSJ’s Digital Presence

The letter has it all – bold print, bullet points, and italics.  It’s 1,200 words long.  And it’s signed by billionaire Rupert Murdoch.  That’s right – Murdoch’s most recent communication regarding a Dow Jones takeover has been published by The Wall Street Journal, a Dow Jones property.

Which may not have been what the billionaire intended.  “We are disappointed, as I imagine you are, that the details of our proposal and the discussion of the merits of a potential combination have become a matter of public debate,” he wrote to the Bancroft family (which owns Dow Jones).  Yet the letter was unfailingly courteous, and modesty ruled the day.

Building an Online Marketing Company Requires Sales

This is the first of a ten part tutorial.

It occurs to me that my accomplishments (and other entereprenuers lack thereof) are often due to basic sales savvy that is greatly lacking in many online marketing companies:  Now that more and more business is conducted online, there is a gap between supply and demand that can only be filled with a knowledge of how and why people make decisions to buy, or not to buy as the case may be.  This is the first in a ten part series:

Even the Search Engines are Bad at SEO

Yahoo! allows paid inclusion members to buy quick links in the search results and indexes sites more fully if they use Yahoo! for their site search. While neither of these may seem like a big deal they both are.

Beat Habits That Interfere With Work Performance

We’ve all have bad habits we need to kick. But we don’t because we are comfortable in them. They are easy and changing is hard. But more times than not, changing the bad habit will actually make life easier for you in the long run. You know this. We all do.

But today is the day to kick some of these bad habits. Why? Because they are interfering with your work performance. They are creating roadblocks for you either mentally or physically, or sometimes even both. You know it and I know it.

Yahoo Sheds More Light On Quality Score

Last week, Yahoo launched its new Panama search platform amidst much buzz throughout the blogosphere. As part of the new model, Yahoo will be implementing a scoring system to determine ad quality, which will in turn have an influence on bid prices for keywords.

We’re less than two weeks into Panama, and already Yahoo has been more forthcoming with information concerning its quality score calculation that Google was within the first two months.

MySQL IPO, Oracle Unbreakable Support for MySQL?
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Matt Aslett writes that Oracle may be considering Unbreakable Support for MySQL and that MySQL Co. is likely to IPO later this year.