Dolly Parton Performs At Glastonbury


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Dolly Parton recently fulfilled one her lifetime dreams of performing at Glastonbury Festival, one of England's most anticipated summer events.

Parton performed several of her songs in front of 150,000 fans at the normally muddy event at Worthy Farm in southwest England.

"This is a very exciting day for me and we've got all kinds of things going on," Parton said at the pre-show press conference. "Look, I don't have a bit of mud on me! When I was coming in this morning I was looking at all the mud and thinking, this is not that different from where I grew up in the mud. My daddy was a farmer in East Tennessee and I grew up on a farm — mud is mud wherever you go."

Dolly had even penned a song about mud to sing for the occasion, however the day was mostly pretty and sunny. Before the performance began, Parton told reporters that she had to cut some songs to meet the time allotted to her, so she decided to focus more on her upbeat songs rather than the slow, sappy songs.

"I thought, well, I can't do a bunch of sad, slow songs because everybody is drunk and high and we don't want to bring them down that bad, so there are two or three songs that they have to hear like maybe Coat of Many Colors and a few things that are a part of my whole life and my background," she said. "But we've tried to do a set where we can kind of keep it moving pretty good."

Image via Wikimedia Commons