New Energy Drink For Gamers Boasts "Faster Reactions, No Distractions"

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Have you ever been on a gaming bender, I mean a real gaming bender - the I'm-not-leaving-the-couch-except-to-pee-and-maybe-not-even-then type of marathon? Man cannot live on pizza and beer alone if they want to spend the next 14 hours leveling up in Modern Warfare 3. Man (girls too, of course) needs energy.

Take any claims by anyone promoting a new product with a grain of salt, but a new energy shot called "GungHo" promises that it'll give you "faster reaction, no distractions." It is being marketed as an alternative to other energy drinks like RedBull and 5-Hour Energy, as GungHo claims that they will produce that "crash and jitters" response after a few hours of gameplay. And who need their hands shaking when they have a n00b in their sights, right?

GungHo has a former Harvard professor on board, who said,

"GungHo is the only energy shot or drink that contains natural ingredients at proven effective doses to improve focus and concentration. Unlike other energy products that deal with short-term energy and no lasting impact on brain energy, GungHo will actually increase levels of critical neurotransmitters in the brain over time.”

Here's how GungHo could turn you into a ninja. A snarky Ninja who isn't a big fan of Ninja Gaiden III, apparently:

GungHo comes to you from Salt Lake City, and their list of claims are an "increase in focus, concentration, memory storage, and memory recall, while avoiding the harsh rush, jitters, and crash common with other energy products."

According to site's FAQ, GungHo takers could experience a loss of appetite and a period of hot flush, similar with other energy drinks.

One guy, indentified as a "professional gamer" had this to say:

"GungHo eliminates the delay between my wrist and my brain. Any FPS gamer knows keeping your cool and controlling your reactions is imperative. GungHo not only helps me plan my course of action but ups my reaction time exponentially."

Is this the real deal? An energy drink specifically made for gamers? Any gamers out there have experience with various types of energy drinks? Let us know in the comments

Josh Wolford
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