Artrell Hawkins Found Not Guilty in Domestic Violence Dispute

Artrell Hawkins Found Not Guilty in Domestic Violence Dispute

By Kathy Karadza April 11, 2014

Former professional football player Artrell Hawkins was found not guilty of domestic violence by a Cincinnati Court judge on Thursday. The ruling at a Hamilton County Municipal Court on Thursday came a little less than two months after Hawkins, a …

Tim Tebow Rally Held by Jacksonville Fans Tim Tebow Rally Held by Jacksonville Fans


At 3:16 PM today, a group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans decided to hold a rally, which was to last for 3 hours and 16 minutes (all allusions to Tebow’s faith, of course), in order to convince the owners of the …

Geno Smith Blames Himself After Losing To Patriots Geno Smith Blames Himself After Losing To Patriots

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Geno Smith has won the starting job of quarterback after Mark Sanchez’s disappointing season last year. Sanchez also suffered an injury that will likely keep him out for the rest of this season, after having surgery on his shoulder recently. …

Aaron Hernandez Plea: “Not Guilty” Aaron Hernandez Plea: “Not Guilty”

Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez pleaded not guilty to all charges against him on Friday. Hernandez, who was arrested in June for the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, is charged with one count of first-degree murder and five …

Tim Tebow is Released from the Patriots Tim Tebow is Released from the Patriots

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After lackluster performances in preseason New England Patriots games, quarterback Tim Tebow is one of 13 players to be cut from the Patriots roster. With the regular season just days from kicking off and no other NFL teams stepping forward, …

Ravens LB Ayanbadejo Rips Patriots on Twitter Ravens LB Ayanbadejo Rips Patriots on Twitter


Twitter has proven to be a landmine for plenty of public figures in the past (especially professional athletes). Before social media, organizations were better able to monitor (and to an extent limit) what their employees let slip to the public. …

Kellen Winslow Rumors Aren’t True Kellen Winslow Rumors Aren’t True

Kellen Winslow, who was released from the Seahawks last week, didn’t fail the physical given by the Patriots, although they didn’t end up signing him. The news that he was passed over for failing due to bum knees was reported …

Super Bowl To Drive Fans Online

Seventy-five percent of U.S. Internet users will go online the day of the Super Bowl for stats, updates and Super Bowl ads according to comScore’s annual pre-game survey.

The majority of those who go online will do so before the game (82%) or after the game (61%). Twenty-nine percent said they would go online during the game or during halftime (28%).

Madden Game Picks Super Bowl Winner

EA Sports has predicted the outcome of Super Bowl XLII based on simulations using Madden NFL 08 video game.

The New England Patriots will beat the New York Giants in a close game by the final score of 38-30. Skeptics may scoff at such a prediction but EA Sports has predicted the past five winners of the Super Bowl.

Spam Worsens, Broadens As Computer Threat

The increasing volume of spam isn’t the only problem plaguing computer users, as varied threats make clicking the most innocent appearing link a potential attack vector.

Patriots May Cancel Tickets For Using StubHub

The New England Patriots have won a court case against online ticket reseller StubHub and have obtained the names of 13,000 people who have bought or sold tickets using the site. The Patriots said they could revoke the season tickets of people who used the site.

Brady Creates Search Buzz After Playoff Win

The New England Patriots pulled off an improbable upset by defeating the top seeded San Diego Chargers last Sunday in an AFC Divisional Playoff showdown. Coming off the victory, Patriot quarterback Tom Brady is enjoying a newfound surge in popularity according to the Yahoo Buzz Log.

Superbowl Advertising Is The Hot Conversation
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So the Superbowl happened yesterday. In scanning my RSS feeds this morning, I see that sporting event has …

Entrepreneurs Are The Patriots of Today

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The ideals and the spirit of the Founding Fathers are very much alive in the 21st Century — in the lives, and the struggles, of the small business person.