Ravens Trash Talk: LB Brendon Ayanbadejo Rips Patriots on Twitter

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Twitter has proven to be a landmine for plenty of public figures in the past (especially professional athletes). Before social media, organizations were better able to monitor (and to an extent limit) what their employees let slip to the public. But now that nearly everyone has immediate access to a public forum, it's much more likely that players will broadcast something that sparks controversy.

The latest example of this trend comes to you courtesy of Brendon Ayanbadejo, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. Today, he finds himself at the center of a controversy as he took some time last night to live-tweet the Patriots-Texans game.

And by live-tweet, I mean trash talk.

He began by discussing the Patriots' offense:

He then went on to hit the Patriots on a deeper level:

I can't imagine that the Ravens organization (especially coach John Harbaugh) is particularly thrilled with Ayanbadejo. And I also can't imagine that we'll hear any Twitter response from anyone in the Patriots organization, as they run a notoriously tight ship.

What do you think about athletes trash talking on Twitter? Fair or foul?

Josh Wolford
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