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Parents, Pre-Teens, and the Facebook Minefield Parents, Pre-Teens, and the Facebook Minefield
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Do you remember the first thought that popped into your head when your pre-teen cousin sent you a friend request on Facebook? If you don’t I’ll attempt to jog your memory. It probably went something like this: “What the hell? …

Parents Not Talking To Their Children About Mobile Security [Infographic] Parents Not Talking To Their Children About Mobile Security [Infographic]
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“Jimmy, we need to have a…talk” When we think of “the talk”, we generally equate it with parents fumbling around, trying to talk to their kids about sex and pregnancy. However, NQ Mobile & NCSA are trying to raise awareness …

AOL Gives Parents Tool for Eavesdropping on Kids’ Social Networking
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AOL has released the results from a new survey, conducted by Nielsen, about parenting and social networking. The survey found that over half of children don’t knows all of their "friends" personally.

The survey also found that 76% of parents with kids on Facebook have "friended" their teenagers, while 29% of these teens would un-friend their parents if they were given the option. Heartwarming isn’t it? These kids are twice as likely to un-friend their mothers as opposed to their fathers.

PayPal Intros New Student Accounts

eBay-owned PayPal has launched a new way for teenagers to shop online with PayPal and in stores with the "Student Card," part of the "Student Account." The account comes with a number of capabilities for parental monitoring.

Features include:

Webkinz Ad Addition Angers Parents
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Advertising on kid-friendly website Webkinz has one advocacy group up in arms and demanding the toymaker take down the ads.

Parents Pass On Playing Video Games With Kids

Eight out of ten children between the ages of 4 and 17 frequently play computer or video games, according to a new poll from AOL Games and the Associated Press.

Parents Don’t Think Internet Good For Kids

A new study finds that parents have become more conflicted in their view of the Internet and how it relates to their children.

Moms, Dads, And The Rules Of Social Networking
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In the hierarchy of social networks, Facebook ranks higher than MySpace, isn’t quite as adult as something like LinkedIn, and yet appears to be accessible from both sides.  This has created some interesting situations as parents embrace what used to be the domain of their children.

Kids More Tech Savvy Than Parents

Children between the ages of 8 to 14 years old are performing a variety of tasks online such as shopping and helping their parents navigate the Internet, according to a study from Stars for Kidz, "Surfin on Mom’s Turf".

Parents Obsessed With Google Baby Names
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Have we really reached a point where people are going to worry about how and where their progeny’s names appear in Google’s search results?

Bad Plan and a Bad CMS Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes really large publishers make today is doing SEO like it’s 1999. They throw up hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of pages, with the belief that more is better. This has grown exponentially with web 2.0 and blogging apps and cross-tagging, listing and publishing content in multiple spots. Here’s an example that’s pretty typical of a problem I see with alarming frequency.

Tips For Dealing With Stranger Danger 2.0
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When I was a kid cautionary tales usually involved crossing the street, stranger danger, and scissors. Modern parents are adding anecdotes about MySpace and other social networking sites where strangers transform from shadowy abstract figures in far away communities to hoards of perverts lurking about your living room.

Dogs, Cats, And Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality was interesting enough because of the opposing punditries that kissed and made up (for this battle anyway), but the Parents Television Council (PTC) soldiering alongside Democrats? Verizon sponsoring sessions at the Small Business Summit?

MySpace Prompts School To Warn Parents
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A Midwestern private school has sent home warnings about students placing personal information on the popular networking site MySpace.com.

NSA Wiretaps, MySpace, and Virtual Surveillance

Earlier this week, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales faced questioning from the Senate Judiciary Committee, in regards to legitimacy of the Bush Administration’s NSA wiretapping surveillance program.

Helping Teen Bloggers Avoid Stranger Danger

Not every blog reader has the best of intentions. They are, at times, predators of some nature, and use the popularity of the blogosphere among teenagers as a point of strategy for acting out their fantasies. If you have teenage children who are bloggers (statistically there’s a good chance of it), then it’s a good idea to have them check out BlogSafety.com.

Family Guy Freakin Podcast!

Evil genius baby that plots to kill his mother. Sophisticated talking dog who often reverts to dog-like tendencies. Really stupid fat man. Ahhhh, Family Guy, you make my heart sing. And now you have a podcast to complement your weblog. Holy freakin’ crap, I never get to write about this stuff at work! Thank you, Seth MacFarlane.

Nielsen/NetRating Identifies Top Brands And Parents In Portals

How does this relate to the search marketer? Ah well that’s the story for our readers isn’t it. Well, we’ve got that too. They also ranked the top 10 web site by parent company and top 10 web sites by brand as well as the time spent per person combined in both home and work. This is where the tale really is told.

Parents, Stripper Sentenced; Birthday Boy Gets Off

A Nashville couple was sentenced to two years probation after a stripper “took their son’s picture” at his 16th birthday party. The euphemism, “took his picture,” may only be known by a few, and I’m not talking.

SIDS Report: Babies Should Be In Cribs, Not Parents Bed

A new Scottish study says the safest place for the smallest babies is in a crib as sharing a bed or sofa with parents seems to increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Meredith May Acquire Parents, Child, Fitness and Family Circle

Meredith is planning to acquire Parents, Child, Fitness and Family Circle magazines from Gruner + Jahr for $350 million provided all closing conditions are met.