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‘Kissing Bug’ Illnesses On the Rise in the U.S.

Members of a typically subtropical family of insects commonly known as kissing bugs have been making their way further north in the United States, while carrying the deadly Chagas disease. Chagas disease, or American trypanosomiasis, is a parasitic ailment caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. The parasite exists in the feces of the kissing bug (Triatoma infestans), and is spread …

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King Richard III Had Roundworms

Richard III, also known as England’s ‘Hunchback’ King, was infected with parasitic roundworms, according to researchers who’d exhumed his remains last summer. The famously unpopular king’s skeleton was dug up in a parking lot in Leicester, in a joint effort by the University of Leicester, the Leicester City Council and the Richard III Society, which unearthed a multitude of roundworm …

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Brain-Eating Parasite Claims Boy’s Life

Zachary Reyna, the twelve-year-old Florida youth, died on Saturday after coming into contact with a brain-eating parasite. Members of Zachary Reyna’s family told WBBH that they believe Zachary came into contact with the amoeba, called Naegleria fowleri, while he was kneeboarding in a shallow gully. The gully served as the perfect breeding ground for the parasite due to the shallow …

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Bob Marley: Parasite Named After Legendary Musician

The Bob Marley parasite, or, if you prefer, the “Gnathia marley”, is a tiny, blood-sucking organism that is known to infect fish living on Caribbean coral reefs. Although may believe this isn’t the most fitting homage to a musician who spent his life singing about peace, love and harmony, the man who named the aforementioned parasite probably meant no ill …

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