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Tom Cruise Being Sued For $1 Billion

A celebrity being sued isn’t anything new or unusual, especially in Hollywood, but it’s not everyday that you hear of a huge movie star being sued for $1 billion, and that’s exactly what’s happening to Tom Cruise right now. According to screenwriter Timothy Patrick McLanahan, the script for Cruise’s 2011 film “Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol” was stolen, so he’s taking …

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Terminator Reboot Coming in Summer 2015

Though 2009’s Terminator Salvation was a welcome addition to the Terminator movie franchise after the confused and poorly received Terminator 3, it still didn’t reinvigorate the Terminator story for general audiences. Now, movie makers are wiping the slate clean with a reboot of the entire sci-fi world of Terminator. Paramount Pictures officially announced this week that a Terminator reboot will …

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Amazon Prime Strikes a Deal with Paramount Pictures

If you’ve been a Netflix subscriber forever and you’re looking to expand your horizons and try out some other streaming video services, this next deal might make Amazon Prime a provider for you. Amazon.com has just struck a deal with Paramount Pictures that will bring big titles like Mission Impossible, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Mean Girls, Nacho Libre, Clueless and many …

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