Star Trek 2016 Screenplay Draft Complete

Star Trek 2016 Screenplay Draft Complete

By Sean Patterson August 21, 2014

Star Trek: Into Darkness may have been the biggest disappointment for trekkies since Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, but the latest Star Trek movie topped the box office and proved that J.J. Abrams’ action-movie vision of Trek does hold …

YouTube Ordered to Answer to Viacom Suit YouTube Ordered to Answer to Viacom Suit

Google-owned YouTube has been newly ordered to defend a lawsuit filed by Viacom Inc. over copyright violations. Viacom has alleged that YouTube had knowingly hosted some of their content without authorization, including clips from “the Colbert Report.” Here is the …

Google Gets Paramount Movies On YouTube, Google Play Google Gets Paramount Movies On YouTube, Google Play

Google is partnering with Paramount Pictures to add Paramount movie rentals to YouTube and Google Play. A Googler laid out the following highlights in an email to WebProNews: Nearly 500 titles available for rent including new blockbusters like Captain America, …

Did Paramount Take a Shot at Netflix’s Streaming Service? Did Paramount Take a Shot at Netflix’s Streaming Service?

As many Netflix users are already well aware of, the company has something of an issue with new movies released to the home consumer. In fact, one of the biggest complaints about the Netflix streaming service is the abject lack …

YouTube Hires Paramount EVP/GM

Less than a month ago, a rumor indicated that YouTube would begin paying celebrities big money in order to create custom content.  Now, a piece of the organization’s Hollywood-related plans seems to be falling into place, as YouTube’s hired a …

Netflix Enters Deal with Epix to Stream More New Releases

Netflix has entered a new deal with Epix, through which it will let Netflix users instantly watch new releases and library titles from Epix. The movies will begin streaming on September 1, and include content from Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM.

Paramount Launches Clip Website For Businesses

Paramount Pictures has launched an online service to sell its movie clips to businesses in an effort to combat declining DVD revenue.

ParamountClips.com is powered by Digitalsmiths VideoSense platform. Users can search the Paramount library by actor, locations, or lines of dialogue. VideoSense combs through the collected metadata to locate the relevant clip.  Clips can be reformatted, exported to any platform that plays video, and monetized.

Paramount Follows Up “Paranormal” Marketing with More Social Fun
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Paramount, the company behind the distribution of the smash-hit Paranormal Activity is now showcasing a new film-meets-social media project. Paramount’s Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) division has teamed up with Adobe, MySpace, Mountain Dew, and Blockbuster on the production, distribution, and marketing on a new "supernatural thriller" web series called Circle of Eight.

Comic-Con Booths Lure Fans Via Twitter

All of geekdom has descended upon the city of San Diego, California for Comic-Con 2009. The four-day event, which showcases everything from action figures to theatrical coming attractions, is the highlight of the year for many fanboys.

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