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Outlook RSS Has The Wrong Idea On Duplicates

Michael Affronti explains how some of the RSS functionality is evolving in Office 2007, especially how Outlook 2007 handles duplicates.

Microsoft Word 2007 Beta 2 Blogging Functionality

Testing the blogging functionality in Word 2007 beta 2.

Microsoft Refolds Windows Live Local

The latest release of Windows Live Local integrates traffic flow and incident reporting capabilities with tighter Outlook and Live Messenger integration.

Gmail Vs. Outlook

Rakesh Agrawal, President and CEO of Snapstream, decided to experiment switching from Microsoft Outlook to Google’s Gmail for all of his email, including business email.

Outook Not Ready For Indiana Legislature

Indiana, which straddles the time zone line between Eastern and Central time, has long had its own weird limbo time zone.

Newsgator Upgrades Outlook, Desktop, Online Clients

Newsgator is on a roll lately. They are working on a series of upgrades to their terrific online product.

Google domains going after Outlook…

MSN did that months ago…

30Boxes First Look

I’ve been following the growing blogosphere buzz during the past week about 30 Boxes, a new online calendar application that some are saying is the killer calendar application.

Goodbye, SearchFox

Unfortunate for me, one of my favorite Web 2.0 applications – SearchFox RSS – is going away. I received an email from Esteban Kozak, which read:

Outlook Will Soon Include RSS

Adoption of RSS feeds by those unfamiliar with it should get a boost when Microsoft unveils its latest iteration of Outlook, its email/calendar/contact application that is a staple in most businesses.

Microsoft Ups Stakes In RSS Race

Companies that offer RSS reader products and services are now in a race against time, as Microsoft prepares RSS functionality within Outlook.

Outlook Add-ins: Make Email More Convenient

I am a Microsoft Outlook user, as I’m sure many of you are. I’m not going to get into the whole Microsoft vs. Mozilla debate, but I know there is always room for improvement with either.

Skype Toolin In Outlook

VoIP phenom Skype offers toolbars for Outlook and Internet Explorer (IE). The IE version has been out a couple of weeks now but the Outlook version just hit this past Friday and it’s got some decent features too it.

Boeing Raises Outlook as Profits Decrease

Boeing reported a decrease of 7% in its second-quarter profits, but this was higher than analysts expected. The company raised its earnings outlook for the entire year.

Greenspan: Favorable Outlook for Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan gave a mostly positive speech to the House Banking Committee saying that economic growth outlook is good, and the Fed should continue to raise interest rates.

Greenspan Notes Positive Growth Outlook

In a semi-annual testimony to Congress, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said that the Fed should continue to raise interest rates as the growth outlook in the U.S. remains positive.

Outlook Dims For Dreamworks Animation

Things aren’t looking the best for Dreamworks right now. Shares of the studio fell 13% yesterday as video sales have fallen and have caused Dreamworks to adjust its guidance.

Google Testing Imbedded Alternate Searches

Have you ever conducted a search and found the results don’t exactly match what you were looking for? During these times, have you ever wanted your search engine to suggest other queries worth trying? Apparently, Google believes there’s a demand for such a service and is currently experimenting with it.

Skype Introduces Outlook Toolbar

I just got through installing the Skype toolbar for Microsoft Outlook, and I’m impressed. (That’s not saying much; I’m impressed by pretty much everything Skype does.)

Ford Raises Outlook For Second Quarter, Drops it for Full Year

Ford Motor Co. has cut down its earnings per share guidance for the year, as the company’s profit outlook for North American operations weakens.

Nortel Plugs Multimedia Into Outlook

The Supercomm announcement says Outlook users will be able to integrate voice and other media with the Outlook 2003 e-mail client.