Report: Gmail Android App To Support Third-Party Accounts

Report: Gmail Android App To Support Third-Party Accounts

By Chris Crum October 20, 2014

Google officially announced Android 5.0 Lollipop last week, and now it appears the Gmail app is getting a new update to go along with it. Android Police is reporting that the new app will be able to handle email accounts …

Outlook.com Users Can Now Make Skype Calls Directly From Their Inbox Outlook.com Users Can Now Make Skype Calls Directly From Their Inbox

Last year, Microsoft introduced an entirely new Outlook.com in an attempt to revitalize its email client. Early results (from Microsoft) say its working, and now it’s adding even more functionality to tempt more people over to its side. Microsoft announced …

Microsoft, Like Amazon, Embraces Gay Marriage in a Product Ad Microsoft, Like Amazon, Embraces Gay Marriage in a Product Ad

It looks like Amazon isn’t the only tech company that’s finding a way to work gay marriage into their product ads. Last month, an ad for Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite ereader featured a gay couple and made people on the internet …

Microsoft: Gmail Users Prefer Outlook.com Microsoft: Gmail Users Prefer Outlook.com

There’s no cool blind taste test site or video with some guy walking up to random people and shoving such an offering in their faces, but Microsoft is once again saying that most users prefer its product to Google’s. This …

Outlook.com: Here’s What Microsoft’s New Webmail Looks Like (Plus, A Walkthrough) Outlook.com: Here’s What Microsoft’s New Webmail Looks Like (Plus, A Walkthrough)

The past week has been a big one in the email space. We told you about AOL’s big new redesign, and then Google integrated Google+ Hangouts into Gmail. Now, Microsoft is dropping Hotmail in favor of a new, rebranded web …

Microsoft Achieves Facebook-Outlook Integration

Checking one’s email and signing into a social network are similar acts, allowing a person to catch up with friends and colleagues.  Microsoft’s latest move seems both smart and natural, then, as the company’s given Outlook users the option to integrate their Facebook and Windows Live experiences.

This opportunity is possible due to the Outlook Social Connector, which had already established ties between Outlook, LinkedIn, and MySpace.  Microsoft’s looking very well-connected in the social media space as a result.

LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook To Forge Ties

Heavy users of LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook will soon have to do a lot less tab-toggling.  Microsoft has introduced something called the Outlook Social Connector, and early next year, LinkedIn will become the first networking site to support it.

Start Sending Notifications Not Emails

How much of the email in your inbox fits into the category of a person or company notifying you about something?

Google Calendar Tries To Get Along With Outlook

Suppose you use multiple calendars; by manually copying events from one to another, you’re wasting time and moving towards having them memorized, anyway.  So a new tool promises to sync Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Beta Released
With Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Beta, you can use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages and contacts for free!

Kiss Your CSS Goodbye With Outlook 2007
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HTML emails and CSS formatting will take a huge hit when Outlook 2007 starts taking up positions on millions of desktops, and email newsletter publishers will have to take some extra steps to ensure their creations render correctly. But even that isn’t a guarantee against problems with that new email program.

The Never Ending Spam War

If you’ve noticed a sudden upsurge in spam email in the UK recently, offering sex, stock tips, genuine fake Rolexes and the usual pharmacopia, it could be the result of criminal gangs using hijacked computers, says a Reuters report

Attensa Frees Its Client For Outlook
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When Attensa coders were finishing changes to the 1.5 version, company marketing director Scott Niesen noted they felt ready to make the jump to version 2.0. That is now a free download from Attensa’s website.

How To: Delay Emails In Outlook

There are plenty of good reasons to want an email to go out at a different hour than when you wrote it (the most obvious: to fake what hours you do work during). Lifehacker has the instructions for older versions of Outlook.

Worthwhile Update to Office 2007 Beta

Microsoft released a public update yesterday to the Office 2007 beta 2 suite of applications.

Flash As a Big Ball of Clay

This interview is a resource of DesignMaster Training, an online professional training and development website for working design professionals.

Microsoft Response To Outlook RSS Design

I’m happy to see that Michael Affronti has responded to my post about the design decisions regarding Outlook 2007’s RSS reader.