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‘Outlast’ DLC is Coming in April

Last fall developer Red Barrels unleashed Outlast on PC gamers. The non-combat survival horror game was generally well-received and took its place among classic horror games with a mix of helpless running and disgusting/terrifying art. More recently Outlast made its way to PlayStation 4 where PlayStation Plus subscribers got to play the game for free. Though Outlast would have been …

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Outlast Free On PS4 Next Month For Plus Members

Every month, Sony serves up a number of free games for PlayStation Plus members. January was a touch act to follow with great games like BioShock Infinite and Brothers going free on the PS3, but it looks like February might be even better. Sony unveiled this morning that Outlast – the indie horror title that scared PC gamers in 2013 …

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‘Outlast’ Hits PC, Unsettling Launch Trailer Released

Last fall, just in time for Halloween, developer Red Barrels teased a new first-person survival horror game called Outlast. The trailer showed that players can expect to have little but their trusty nigh-vision camera to navigate dark hallways and evade some type of humanoid creatures, who can drag them to their deaths. It isn’t quite Halloween, but Outlast is now …

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Terrifying Gameplay Footage of Outlast Released

Last fall, on Halloween day, Red Barrels Games released a teaser trailer for Outlast, an indie survival horror game coming this year for the PC and PlayStation 4. The game is set in an asylum, which players will have to infiltrate and survive to uncover whatever mysterious goings-on are causing so much bloodshed. This week, more than 10 minutes of …

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Outlast Halloween Scare Trailer Released

Survival horror fans should consider today not only Halloween, but the day that spurred hope in the hearts of many that the near-abandoned genre might be making a comeback. In addition to the Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs trailer released today, another trailer for a new survival horror IP has been released. Red Barrels Games today released a four-minute trailer …

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